Top 10 Brilliant Watch Designs

Top 10 Brilliant Watch Designs

Today’s post showcases ten brilliant wristwatch designs. Enjoy!

10 – RADAR Watch

Innovative watch design inspired by a radar screen. Outer arc represents the minutes and the inner arc indicates the hour.

EleeNo Japanese RADAR Watch

EleeNo Japanese RADAR Watch 2

09 – Seiko Paper Watch

The unique electronic paper display module in this Seiko watch is the result of a joint development effort, bringing together E Ink’s ‘electronic ink’ technology and Seiko Epson’s advanced display manufacturing and electronic circuitry techniques. When combined, these technologies offer a wide range of display design possibilities – including flexibility!

Seiko Paper Watch

08 – Retro Icon Watch

Creative wristwatch inspired by the classic 8-bit look.

Retro Icon Watch 2

07 – Seiko Discus Watch

Beautiful watch from Seiko Japan uses a series of spinning aluminum discs to display the current time.

Seiko Discus Watch

06 – More or Less Watch

This watch offers you two ways of looking at time – around the circumference of the dial the words “one more, one less” slowly revolve. This presents a balanced way of viewing the passing of time in our lives.

More or Less Watch

05 – Abacus Magnetic Watches

The Abacus series of watches has no hands at all. Instead, there’s just a single steel sphere that rolls around inside the watch as you move your wrist around. But as soon as you level out to a horizontal position, a magnet behind the dial stops the ball at the current time.

Abacus Magnetic Watches

04 – Swatch Infinity Watch

Mp3/Video/Photo Player Watch by Pierre Merlet.

Swatch Infinity Watch

Swatch Infinity Watch 2

03 – F1 Carbon Watch

Designed by John Pszeniczny, this cool watch is inspired by F1 racing and constructed of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal.

F1 Carbon Watch

02 – Diesel Multi Display Watch

Five miniature movements are aligned vertically and curved to lie comfortably on the wrist. The stainless steel case has etched airport codes corresponding to NY, LA, London, Paris and Tokyo.

Diesel Multi Display Watches

01 – Transformers Watch

Awesome watch magically transforms into a free standing robot.

Watch in Disguise Transformers Watch

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  1. Zy

    I remember having several of the transformer watches with my friends in the early nineties. We would all get together and have transformer watch battles.
    Good times

  2. Dex

    WoW… amazing designs.

  3. hsm

    how can i buy “03 – F1 Carbon Watch” model? can U post it for me?

  4. sharif

    The transformer watch is for my child hood, 15 years ago!!!

  5. pooya

    i love them but i don’t have any money for buying it

  6. Krazd

    wow how much is that f1 carbon watch???

  7. the0ne

    love to have all of those watches

  8. René

    Those watches are actually pretty cool designs. I don’t think I dig the radar one based on its looks. The magnet one is an interesting idea, but no minute hand pushes the balance over too much into style over function. Nice collection, though.


  9. Hutcheroo

    Used to love my transformers watch – it woz the nutz!

  10. McCow

    Watch out……

  11. Phil E. Drifter

    Totally photoshopped, shadows are all wrong.

  12. thinkabus

    Yes they are Photoshopped, all product shots are. I don’t think this poster is trying to pass these off as his own, he is just showing us some cool watch’.

  13. Dijkie

    Watches are pretty much useless nowadays. Almost every electronic device displays the time, so why should I bother wearing a watch?

  14. Jakob

    Wow, that was an utter disappointment for the #1 spot. It was almost as if you made the entire article on that one watch. My favorite was #7

  15. Nikumbh

    superb collections.. my fav is Carbon Watch :)
    but afraid of cost…

  16. Jomark Osabel

    Yes, I remember when I had the transformer watch when I was just a kid.

    The other watch designs are too futuristic for current use perhaps 20 years from now they will become fashionable.

  17. Mr Rolex

    These will never sell…

  18. Robert

    That Seiko “Dicsus” watch is a pretty direct copy of the “mechanical-digital” or “direct-read” watches made in Switzerland in the late-’60s, just before LEDs were inexpensively available. Two of the more common brands were Lucerne and Sicura. Incidentally, those watches were themselves derivative of the Elgin jump-hour watches of the late-’50s, and they of watches made by companies like Juvenia as far back as the 1930s. The configuration of chapters (hour, minute and second markers) on rotating disks has been around almost as long as the wristwatch has.

  19. kişisel gelişim

    Uff. Very interesting and amazing. What is the prices?

  20. tasarimci

    The transformer watch is for my child hood, 15 years ago!!!

  21. kirtasiye

    Watches are pretty much useless nowadays. Almost every electronic device displays the time, so why should I bother wearing a watch?

  22. fatma

    I love them a lot. They r all different and swetty. Especially Seiko Paper Wathc and More and Less Watch..I hope I ll ve one of them.

  23. ingilizce

    love to have all of those watches

  24. baba

    how can i buy “03 – F1 Carbon Watch” model? can U post it for me?

  25. logo

    love to have all of those watches

  26. pelin

    10. one is the best.

  27. gazeteci

    very nice Incredible thanks

  28. Atak Teknoloji

    My Favori’s Seiko Paper Watch , very nice collections. thanks.

  29. Simao Silva

    I was more or less agreeing with the top til I saw number 2 and 1 :F
    Those two belong to the kitsch realm :P
    There are lots of better designs that could be replacing them.

    I think that nowadays a watch is either a symbol of status (like a rolex) or fashion/style (like some of these), they are not for time telling anymore…that’s just an extra function ;)

  30. DK

    One word- WOW

  31. Chaitanya

    The More Or Less Watch can be described as- “ELEGANT”

  32. m


  33. poster

    i like all of them i injoy designing watches i might consider some of the idears but over all i prefer the good old digatal watch i have a g-shock watch it does a prity good job.
    a watch is a watch it may be unique but does it do every thing you want it to?

  34. Phillip Gibb

    wow, pretty awesome

  35. Les

    I use to have a Transformer Watch!
    Really wanna get one again

  36. Simpson

    a watch is a watch it may be unique but does it do every thing you want it to?

  37. NAS

    just swatch is the best

  38. shubhanshu

    the transformers’ one is pathetic….

  39. Bill Chappell

    Yes they are all great designs and I will be interested if anyone considers they have new ideas for watch designs and functions Analogue and Digital they will be interesting to see

  40. Mary

    great designs, i have the carbon watch :) was looking to buy a luxury special watch for my husbands birthday but i have no idea what but i want it to be black. maybe i ll customize a daytona on Titanblack or check what Hublot geneve has. very difficult to decide. uff.

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