Motorcycle Inspired Rocking Horse

Motorcycle Inspired Rocking Horse

Modern rocking horse built from an old motorcycle parts by Felix Götze.

Inspired by classic German motorcycles, this rocking horse comes with a two stroke engine, a sprung saddle and a stylish headlamp.

Motorcycle Rocking Horse

Modern Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

Contemporary Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse by Felix Gotze

Rocking Motorcycle

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  1. ajayjshah

    Radical. Hells Angles babies could ‘rock’ this. Pun intended.

  2. Critical Eye

    Neat idea, but I think they could have done more with this.

  3. albert

    I don’t see the tires ))
    could have used some part of them on the lower “arks”

  4. Megan

    Awesome, modern take on a classic toy.

  5. Ann

    Great concept, but the product needs to be brighter (better paint scheme). Also, it’d never pass child safety requirements.

  6. Loni

    Yeah, decent idea, but pretty terribly executed. Appears unsafe for tots, not very “motorcycle-esque” other than being made of metal and having a pseudo-engine, and just blatantly UGLY. I’d never buy a bike or a rocking horse that looked like this…

  7. cole

    that’s so cool but it would be kind of expensive for a child who doesn’t care what the hell their riding on

  8. Mumoftwo

    Jesus Christ those tapered hollow ends might as well be knives! My boys wouldn’t last an hour playing with that thing before someone lost an eye!!!

  9. Kirvi Inci

    The hell with the naysayers! I am 23 and I want one!!! :D

  10. melissa

    crazy people, those ends are powdercoated! they arent sharp!

    as far as safety, check out the rocky horses i had
    remember getting piched and falling all into that thing?

  11. gerald

    omg yes! i was just trying to remember if I had a rocking horse when I pulled up your pic of the ghastly plastic horse on rusty springs, and a flood of memories cam with it. How did we survive?? remember the back packs made of light gauge metal tubing and canvas? the back yard seats made of alumininum and some plastic cloth. And oh god the trampolines! death to children must have been their moto!

  12. gerald

    ps, yes I like the design. my kids would love it. it would get pushed into the closet after a month. why are people so highly opinionated on these types of boards…lots of high drama and name calling. strange.

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