Easy Way To Learn Chinese

Easy Way To Learn Chinese

Colorful illustrations by ShaoLan Hsueh and Noma Bar will teach you how to understand basic characters from the Chinese language.

Learn how to read Chinese: Written characters and phrases are combined with helpful pictures that explain their meaning. [order Chineasy book]


How To Read Chinese

Chineasy The New Way To Read Chinese


Chineasy by ShaoLan Hsueh

Learn To Read Chinese


ShaoLan Hsueh

Learn Chinese Illustrations

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  1. Catherine

    This is so cool

  2. frank

    I love big woman person

  3. Fillibert

    Exit is to get out mouth?

  4. Betty

    This is brilliant!! More!!

  5. armin

    nice !

  6. Running man

    Woman master person XD

  7. daffy

    I wish Chinese was that easy.

  8. Swiper Fox

    A curious thought… ShaoLan Hsueh is a Chinese but made reference to Japan (sun + foundation/origin) & Japanese person (sun + foundation/origin + person) in her “Easy Way To Learn Chinese” demonstration. :-)

  9. Thomas

    really useful to read a text in English, but without the pin-yin (phonetical translation on the words), it is completely pointless if someone is actually willing to learn Chinese

  10. Gert

    That, Thomas, depends upon how your mind works. Some people have associative memories and can learn EASIER if they can associate the language first with something they recognize and THEN learn the proper sound after.

    So just because YOU would not be able to learn that way does not mean you speak for all other humans. I read Spanish far better than I speak it but I couldn’t do the latter at ALL until I translated the written word to English first.

  11. Thomas

    You are completely right Gert, I actually have associative memory myself. I’ve been learning Chinese for a while now and where people just learn pages and pages of vocabulary, I have to learn the characters in order to identify the words.

    All I’m saying is that compared to a language based on an alphabet, such as English, French (I’m a French native speaker) or Spanish to use your example, Chinese cannot be read (and by read I mean out loud) unless you actually know the pin yin. Knowing that Chinese is a tonic language (the same sound can mean different things depending on the ton), it seems unlikely to be able to learn it without knowing the sounds that have to come out of your mouth.

  12. @@@

    they’re almost same for Japanese

  13. Andras

    I really love this, beautiful way for learning the logic of this language and characters.

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