10 Cool and Unusual Motorcycles

10 Cool and Unusual Motorcycles

Collection of unusual motorcycles and the most creative motorcycle designs from all over the world.

Dodge Tomahawk

This unusual motorcycle has two front wheels and two rear wheels. This is done to aid in turning and stability at high speed.

Dodge Tomahawk

Hubless Motorcycle

World’s first fully functional motorcycle with two hubless wheels.

Hubless Motorcycle

Electric Motorcycle

The world’s fastest (150 mph) production electric motorcycle. The first Mission One motorcycles will be delivered in early 2010.

Electric Motorcycle

B120 Wraith

This cool motorcycle is described as the world’s most luxurious, sporting two-wheeled device.

B120 Wraith

Suzuki Biplane

This beautiful Suzuki Biplane concept motorcycle was presented at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2007.

Suzuki Biplane

Pendolauto Leaning Motorcycle

This unusual motorcycle leans into turns like a motorcycle would, yet features four wheels, like a car.

Pendolauto Leaning Motorcycle

Mach Ness Monster

Cool motorcycle designed by Arlen Nessm is powered by a gas-turbine helicopter engine.

Mach Ness Monster


Cool motorcycle created for the 2008 The Dark Knight film. The bike has 20″ front and rear tires, and is powered by a high-performance engine with no exhaust pipes.


Uno Motorcycle

Cool self-balancing motorcycle that uses a pair of gyroscopes to constantly keep its rider upright.

Uno Motorcycle

Jaguar Motorcycle

Awesome Jaguar shaped motorcycle named the “Night Shadow”.

Jaguar Motorcycle

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  1. Fillibert

    he’s not riding on the jaguar he’s RIDING it… get it?

  2. Vanessa

    I love motorcycles, in all shapes and sizes, but that last one… it just looks wrong.

  3. Critical Eye

    Unicycle is really cool. Jaguar cycle is really funny.

  4. Karin L.


  5. Mattro

    i’m all for more posts about motorcycles anywhere i can find them, but as both a design and bike enthusiast, i can’t help but mention that there’s some incredible tackiness going on here.

  6. luanpa

    wow, so cool

  7. charnchai lersbantornkul

    I really wanna get one.

  8. Doedoeschwoe

    I LOVE the Batpod. The only motorcycle I would ride. ;)

  9. Tom

    “This unusual motorcycle has two front wheels and two rear wheels”

    Doesn’t that sort of make it a car?

  10. Cory

    I could only picture the Jaguar motorcycle in some post-Apocalyptic Quentin Tarentino movie, but it still looks incredible

  11. Mask

    some of these are so cool, but the jaguar one just looks *aukward*

  12. bobforcox

    Boy, that jaguar bike is getting some sweet lovin’s from behind. lol

  13. Damian

    Jaguar Motorcycle looks really cool until its being driven.

  14. lol

    He’s doing the jaguar. lol

  15. Jaqi Mugo

    Yeah baby! :D

  16. delere


  17. luanpa

    All of these are so cool

  18. Bill

    hahaha… the jaguar creator: http://www.m-cycles.com/images/about.jpg

  19. roro

    +1 for Fillibert ^^

  20. zezoعزت

    so cooooool

  21. :)

    if i have 1 of this motorcycle, i would be the coolest girl in my hometown.. *sigh* wish they sell it here…

  22. Ron Shaffer

    Man Where Are Those Mirrors!! EEK.

  23. Aidan

    Jaguar bike looks cool until the guy sits on it, then it looks like bestiality on wheels

  24. Fiesta guy

    That Dodge tomahawk has V10 engine so that’s why it need all it’s tires. uno i think is very difficult to drive but your friends faces would be priceless when you show up with it. jaguar is more like just for show.

  25. Matt

    The Jaguar bike makes the rider look like he’s mounting a large cat who is seriously not into enjoying the experience.

  26. whiteboy5

    The fact that they made an entire video of “riding” the Jaguar just made me laugh for like 5 min. What on God’s green earth were these guys thinking?!! LMFAO.

  27. Switchblade

    Ummm two front wheels, two rear wheels…. Someone scream ATV!

  28. Bikeguy Joe

    The Tomahawk is a joke….4 wheels= automobile.

    It’s just an un-ridable showpiece made by Chrysler for publicity.

  29. photon bike

    i want the jaguar the tomahawk & the atv that leans

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