Inflatable Pool for your Boat

Inflatable Pool for your Boat

Magic Swim is a floating swimming pool that will protect you from jellyfish.

The holes on the bottom of the pool are covered with grids that only let in sea water, the entire setup process takes less than 5 minutes.

Pool for your Boat


Magic Swim

Magic Swim Inflatable Pool

Magic Swim Pool

Inflatable Pool

Inflatable Pool in the Ocean

Swimming Pool

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  1. Manish Ahuja

    Makes me want to get a yacht for myself just to get this swimming pool. Love the fact that the idea is so simple, innovative and cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Manish :)

  2. James Anzalone

    Nice! I mean.. At first I would think, well why have that pool when you can just go swimming out in the lake/ocean.. but I suppose for children its very nice.

    and yeah there is something really neat about that.

  3. Fred

    Back in the wind powered naval days they would often use a sail to create a relatively shark free pool alongside the ship for bathing. Similar concept.

  4. Alberto

    Italian idea!!!
    Italy rules )))))

    Cool and simple

  5. panubo


    i was just thinking about that, very nice idea.
    safe and fun.
    they should make a sort of window in it, to see the fish and coral or something


  6. Catherine

    What a great idea.


    Panubo, that’d be sweet!

  8. Jared

    and the sharks?

  9. timmay

    that’s awesome!

  10. Chad

    Just suck it up and swim in the lake water!

  11. Karin L.

    Great idea so you don’t get into an argument with jelly fish!!!

  12. Bon jovi

    Must be the most stupid thing ever. Mankind is one step closer to a synthetic life. Next invention: the forest room which is a tent that has a forest painted on the inside, you can put it up in the forest and be without insect bites in the forest.

  13. Xzibit

    Yo dawg, we heard you like to swim, so we put a pool in your ocean so you could swim while you swim.

  14. anna

    This is kind of ridiculous… I mean come on, a swimming pool to “protect you from jellyfish”? Really? If there are jellyfish where you are swimming, just get back in the boat.

  15. Pete

    You folks saying this is stupid: come to the Chesapeake Bay in August. Anything that lets you swim without jellyfish is a pretty nice thing.

  16. Alberto

    @Pete: any problem with jellyfish in Chesapeake Bay?
    call BP…..they could kill them all in less than a couple of days…..((

  17. lucinda mulagawanti

    Italian design is the best- always so brilliant!

  18. enav

    pretty nice

  19. Kev

    There is only one creature I’m scared of and that’s shark!

  20. Y. tsye

    it’s a good stuff for the weak.
    Just swim in the ocean,men!

  21. Merkk

    well you enjoy your jellyfish,
    cause certain jellyfish will kill you, >.>

    people survive shark attacks, sometimes.

  22. F.N. Merkins

    Good idea! Out here in Australia we have jellyfish that will kill you, sharks that will take a bite out of you, numbfish that will electrically shock you – and that’s on a good day! Not sure about those limp-wristers who swim in lakes.

  23. Robbie

    @ F.N. Merkins,
    The thing is that the idea is good.Yo can use it, if the lake or the water is dirty or cold or something…but the fact that you just don’t go into the ocean just because you are scared of some sort of little fishes, its insane! And we have to think that Australia is full of dangerous animals ….the invention is good use there:)

  24. Sherpa

    how useful, im sure when people go on their boat (renown for their reliability), finally set out in the water, want to set up a pool, THEN fit it back in the bag. it seems like the most ridiculous waste of time and effort. I am all for innovation and progress but if you think about how a vast majority of people find condoms to be a pain, then i definitely think this sea-condom is destined to fail.

  25. Tajouj

    Where can I buy one plz? Anyone

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