Creative and Unusual Cookies

Creative and Unusual Cookies

Japanese artist known as “Cookie Boy” bakes unique cookies in the shapes of cute animals and familiar objects.

These wonderful baked creations are made for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Wine Cookies

Camera Cookie

Unusual Cookies

Meat Cookie

Creative Cookies

Saw Cookies

Wizard of Oz Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Modern Cookies

Cookie Boy

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  1. Monika

    Way too cute to even think about eating them!

  2. jj

    That boy is too cute!

  3. TTV

    I was hoping there’d be some interesting recipes, not just sugar cookies and royal icing.

  4. woops

    i’ll take the cookies. leave the boy.

  5. NiSa ZuL

    cute :D

  6. kinga

    sweet, so sweet, my cookies don’t look so delicious

  7. Ben

    I have just woken up in snoozeville

  8. Gert

    I love people that comment just to comment. IE: I have just woken up in snoozeville.

    Meh… if you don’t have something to contribute hush.

    Lovely work. Kind of don’t think I’d want a ‘creative’ or ‘unusual’ cookie recipe considering how most artists define those terms.

  9. Pepsi

    Nice cookies and all but I didn’t see where anything shown stood out a lot from normal expectations.

  10. Reckybuh

    I think they’re pretty awesome. Loved the seal, earth and owl ones.

  11. Midet


  12. k

    I wish there was more variety, all these cookies have the same style. All they use is icing.

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