Climbing Wall for your Pool

Climbing Wall for your Pool

AquaClimb is a modular rock climbing wall system for your swimming pool.

Each panel can be turned in 4 different orientations to change the level of difficulty. The height of the wall is restricted by the depth of the pool.

AquaClimb Climbing Wall

AquaClimb Poolside Climbing Wall


Poolside Climbing Wall

Swimming Pool Climbing Wall

AquaClimb Rock Climbing Wall

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  1. Chris

    What a fun idea!

  2. A Girl

    So much fun!!!!!! I want it!

  3. Art of Concept

    This really looks like a lot of fun!! So great!

  4. claire

    I 1t one!
    So fun!
    I’ll get it for my pool, Of course if I can!

  5. a

    whatever grip one has with bare feet and wet limbs

  6. tyler

    yeah. good luck. the average person sure ain’t gettin one. they cost $6750 just for a 3×1 (squares).

  7. timmay

    looks awesome

  8. Don't nuke our imagination bro

    So…uhh…being wet and holding on tight don’t exactly go together.

    Isn’t this just a lawsuit waiting to happen. Or, rather, it has “I slipped, busted my chin, and bit off my tongue” written all over it.

  9. Ada

    This is a great idea! I wish I had a climbing wall…and also a pool:P

  10. Doug

    $6700 for 3 x 1 square? Where did you get that information. That doesn’t sound right at all. Maybe for a big one but 3 x 1 square wouldn’t take probably 100 bucks to build.

  11. Karin L.

    I think I’d kill myself. LOL!

  12. Scott

    Ya thats cool… If you want Athlete’s foot.

  13. MP3

    Now it’s $6840 for a 3 high x 1 wide wall.

    Here is pricing:
    I found it using this new thing called Google.

  14. Climbing Dolphin

    So a water climbing wall is already somewhat singular, can one those somewhere order. Particularly the yellow-orange I find great.

    Thanks for the mad photos…

  15. Emily

    This doesnt even sound like a good idea. Your children are all wet and you want them to try to climb things? I mean im all for increasing the difficulty, but damn.

    Theres just no way this is safe.

  16. Suzi

    It’s $6840 for a 10′ high by 3′ wide wall, which is still outrageously expensive but it doesn’t say 3′ x 1′ anywhere on that website

  17. Fresh

    cool…but at the same time…most definitely a recipe for disaster

  18. Reilly

    Hey! I’ve got an idea! Let’s take yet another activity that was fine the way it was and turn it into a pool activity!!

  19. VirtualN

    Nice Pool Activity

  20. Cool

    I don’t really see how turning “another activity” into a pool activity is a bad idea. This looks awesome, and since it’s tilted forward, slipping and falling would lead to falling in the water, which is the point, and definitely not a disaster.

  21. cenközmercan

    this looks awesome. all I gotta do is get filthy rich now…

    and for those ppl whining how dangerous it might be come on now, you can very well break your neck if you slip in the shower as well….

  22. Russell

    Thanks for all the great positive and not so positive comments regarding the AquaClimb. With over 200 sold in North America and thousands of children, teens and adults challenging themselves without incident we are confident that climbing walls belong on the side of swimming pools.

  23. Sarah

    We are waiting for the funds to purchase an AquaClimb and have studied their safety reports. There is no way a climber can fall anywhere but water. Climbing over the edges is also impossible. I believe those are installed in 150 facilities and there were no injuries reported. I have also called a few clubs where they had an aquaclimb to get some references – and they were all positive.

  24. Fillibert

    We have one at the local pool. It’s angled back so if you fall you are away from the wall. The problem is that it gets old real quick. In 5 minutes you go from just climbing it to challenging your friends to go no feet or stick to one color handgrips. You end up waiting longer than climbing

  25. Jessica

    Seems cool but what if some real heavy person trys climbing it and it tips foward and pops out of place?….won’t look too good.

  26. noah

    this is perfectly safe, if you look closely then you can see that if you fall off you go right back into the water, and as for gripping it: maybe it has some kind of absorbant material to grip on, but it is still to expensive to buy, it would be better to just print one out

  27. marie

    really guys, you haven’t heard of a climbing wall-pool combo before?
    It is safe

    I’ve been at several pool houses where they have climbing walls installed. And it is awesome.

    I like the fact that you can adjust the difficulty level

  28. Robert


    I used this thing called “an education” to discern that the $6840 panel is ten and a half feet tall by three feet and seven inches wide. But thanks for doing the legwork on that new-fangled google thing.

  29. Lesley

    From their website: The gently textured, non-abrasive surfaces are specifically designed for use in aquatic environments.

  30. Joe C from STP

    To all those people who say this isn’t safe what about waterslides, diving boards, pool drains or even pools for that matter. i mean seriously peopleif you think rubber notches, MAYBE 10 ft high, over a POOL are too dangerous then you are currently whats wrong with America and don’t deserve kids. I will keep you all in my prayers tonight and may God have mercy on your souls

  31. Pike

    as a climber i can say… TOTALLY FREAKING COOL.

  32. Ozzie

    if u read the right column it says H3W1 height 3 width 1
    so 3X1

  33. Dr. Holmann

    Sorry Robert but Google > your education. Knowledge is nothing but correct information at speed. I’d rather have a researcher with a high school diploma and the right tools (plus logic and reason) than a phd with just his mind. Accuracy maters, as information is the new currency. Human error can no longer be tolerated in the info age.

  34. victoria

    i like this and dont like this because your children are wet and can fall off of the wall and i like it because its fun and a good decoration to your pool.

  35. girl

    @ Ozzie

    You mean the left column. And it reads “AQCL-3H1W” and is in a column labeled “Model Number,” which means that it is their company’s code for identifying that product. The third column is the dimensions, and it is 10′ 6″ x 3′ 7″.

    This is a really neat product. If I had a pool, I would want one!

  36. S

    Oh no, your poor glass children are going to hurt themselves falling off the wall into WATER.

  37. Barrister

    As an attorney, I can assure you the owner of any pool having a climbing wall would be exposing themselves to liability risks which extend beyond most insurance policy coverage. These make diving boards seem, well, insurable. Show me a non-resident who’s injured as a result of climbing one of these and I’ll show you a person who quickly finds themselves in a higher tax bracket…

  38. lost obsesser!!!!

    just saying, but barrister, you use way too many large words!!!! i don’t think that many people understood half of that!!!! at least i didn’t. anyway, i think that this sounds like a really fun idea!

  39. Average Bob

    Barrister, you are everything that is soulless and wrong in todays world.

    On the note of the climbing wall…Its probably a lot safer than bouldering or regular rock climbing…no hard ground or specialized equipment!

  40. Barrister

    Funny how the attitudes of people like you suddenly change when it’s your kid who slips and falls off this accident-waiting-to-happen and breaks a bone – or worse. Nothing like a skull fracture or good ol’ fashioned pain and suffering of a loved one to put your opinion of lawyers to the test. “Your Honor, no need for this hearing; the victim’s father doesn’t believe in the legal system and prefers to waive his child’s right to damages and to assume all medical and rehabilitation costs since the pool owner’s insurance company won’t pay since they deemed the accident to be the victim’s fault.” Case closed…

  41. Don

    Back in the day I remember at most swimming holes, rivers and waterfront property we all had a tree with a rope on it that we would swing out over the water and drop in and that was fun and OK with everyone including out parents and no one got hurt. Now people think falling of a wall that is leaning over a pool is going to hurt their kids. I think these parents should send their little darlings to a wilderness camp so they could have some good supervised fun.

  42. jordan

    Doesn’t go high enough! xD

  43. Chris

    Great idea until someone heavy on the overhanging wall pulls it out of its anchor/mooring and it falls in the pool on top of the climber and they drown. Ive been a rock climber for thirty years and have noticed that if something can go wrong at some point it will. This thing better be anchored bombproof double up.

  44. lauren

    Is it possible that by 3×1 they mean 3 metres by one metre?? Silly Americans and the even siller imperial system.

  45. JC

    We have one of these hanging over the foam pit at my gymnastics center. It’s a lot of fun and the open gym kids love it.

  46. s

    this is a creative world!!!!

  47. Tyler P

    As a lifeguard the biggest worry I would have is that after the kids get to the top their arms and legs will be tired so that when they drop back into the water they will be too tired to swim.

  48. juan

    what happen to the days when you live and you learn. trying to protect your kids from getting hurt not trying to get sued blah blah blah. thats how they grow up and learn. you fall you stand back up and you keep going..

  49. chelsey

    this is a sad sue happy country, the parents who are afraid their children will die using this are the same people who wont let their children get their faces painted at a theme park because they might get the bird flue and die. I hope you all have fun in your bubbles. Your children will grow up sad and hating you forever but at least they will grow up. of course they wont know how to do anything like mow there lawn (the blade might get there foot) cook dinner (they might burn themselves or there house down) drive a car (is it odd we put our children in a over-sized bullet without a 2nd thought but they cant go on a climbing wall that has you drop into a pool)? I would, however advise anyone who got one to have the neighbor kids sign a waver before they can use it because, like i said this is a sad sue happy nation

  50. Kevin

    Okay I read through these comments because I thought someone else would come to my very logical occam’s razor of a conclusion that 3X1 means 3 tiles high and 1 wide? The dimensions probably come from about 3.5 feet per side per tile? Come on people

  51. Joe

    Why is everyone claiming that this is a disaster waiting to happen? I mean…if you set it up properly….in the deep end of the pool…anyone that falls off is just going to fall right into deep water? What is the big deal with that….assuming you can swim?

  52. oce

    nice one…!!!

  53. Harry

    As a lifeguard i would just like to point out that the guard in the photo is not demonstrating proper tube strap technique!! I mean, the entire danger issue aside, what we should be focusing on is this terrible breach of life guarding protocol.I didn’t even notice the wall until I looked at the comments, i was too busy looking at the lifeguard and her obvious lack of training. I mean, we should just ignore the fact that this wall idea is actually pretty awesome and would add a lot to the patron’s experience. no, no, no, the real issue here is the breach in protocol.

  54. SezWho

    Would love to have the money to buy one. Wouldn’t buy one but would love to have the money to…

  55. Bobfromiowa

    You say that its a hazard but for real they are going to fall into water if they fall not like they have to get out of the pool to climb it.

  56. Raadz

    @ Tyler P if you didnt notice the wall is at the edge of the swimming pool, so no swimming is required.

    And wow whats with the ‘my child is not allowed to go 50 cm above their height and they are forbiden touch a drop of water, even though they might only just survive, they will definitley will be traumatised for life!!!’

    As some other people have pointed out before wat about the waterslides etc.. they are even more of a danger to your kids than that, and yet i see parents forcing their kids to have a go ‘oh come on its fun!’

  57. Furry

    If a child falls they could easily fall onto another childs head, not necessarily into free water . It looks like fun but would need very strict supervision. Also the price is outrageous c’mon it probably takes less that a hundred dollars to build

  58. Wild Beast

    I would like to see this in a less steep version with bigger handgrips for those of us that are less fit with a bit more backfat!

  59. Katie

    Directly from the manufacturers website:

    Prices start at $6,840.00 plus delivery and installation.


  60. Warren P.

    The thing costs $6000+. The lawsuits start at a million five.


  61. Gaston

    1. Deepwater soloing is a type of climbing that is done often. The grip is possible, you just need to dry off your hands a bit.
    2. Prolly gonna be in the pools of those who are stupidly rich anyhow, their kids will likely be the one’s using it. If the lawsuits occur, it will be against the company making the things.
    3. The price of this thing is ridiculous, get some damn plywood and buy some holds and build your own… Be sure to waterproof the wood and keep up with it so it doesn’t give splinters.

  62. Joel

    It’s actually pretty fun and safe. We’ve had one at our pool for about 3 years now i think.

  63. Ceeski Beeski

    Just looking at this makes me cringe! I’m just imagining being soaked in the pool for a while and having my soft fingernails being ripped off while trying to grip this! Oucch!

  64. Gawd

    Guys, look. you are all being way to paranoid. if you have the money and a big enough pool,you should be fine. Let the kids have fun. if you fall, you fall. If you hit your head, either you shouldn’t be using this in a pool that small or you did something idiotic. Accidents happen. if your friend falls and hurts themself, its their own fault, or someone did something wrong. Often, things happen for a reason. Just deal with it.

  65. lauren

    there are a lot of injuries possible that don’t involve simply falling into water. the first thought that came to my mind was slipping, hitting your chin and biting your tongue. Saw that happen twice in pools to two different children, just on ladders. One was my litter brother when he was only 6, he slipped and bit off the sides of his tongue. Shit happens.

  66. matt

    here’s a question for the commenters complaining about the price, thanks for that link to the new google thing, you seem quite intelligent, except for the whole “3×1 square” thing…. I think they call that a rectangle nowadays…

  67. matt

    also, if you can afford 33K for a freakin’ wall to climb in your pool, i’m sure you can afford the lawsuits people will be filing every time they slip off and bite off their tongues, though nobody likes a loudmouth moneybag anyways.

  68. Ian

    That is the beauty of saying “Use at Own Risk” on a sign off to the side.

  69. noah

    anyone who says that they would kill themselves needs to take a closer look at the pictures

  70. kurtis

    We could always add sharks to the pool if there is not enough danger.

  71. Jerry

    Do those little children come with it ?

  72. John


  73. Eric

    i already have it in my pool and i mastered it

  74. Jerimiah Gentry

    It’s interesting what sort of activities people consider too dangerous for children. The data on epidemics such as childhood obesity as well as my experience of working in an ER as was a climbing instructor for many years have taught me that people are protecting their children from the wrong sort of danger.

  75. Jerimiah Gentry

    For the love of Gawd, I have to comment again. It is clear that some persons do not have much awareness of their bodies or simple body mechanics. This is nothing like a ladder. It is an over hanging climbing wall. Upon what surface is anyone going to hit their chin? I was a climbing coach and guide for many years and taught some of the most poorly coordinated specimens of humankind, yet I have never seen or heard of anyone “biting off their tongue off.” Just about any team sport, or riding a bike, or, I dunno, playing on a jungle gym is more dangerous than this wall. It is this type of absurd reasoning that has lots of children nice and “safe” in front of a TV with a Big Mac and a 2L bottle of Coke. Our bones are much more resilient than out pancreases.

  76. coolie

    nice way to die

  77. Alexia

    love it! fun idea

  78. mike

    He clearly stated “3×1 (squares).” The wall is made of modular squares. The cheapest model consists of 3 squares stacked, hence 3×1. Stop bickering

  79. Chris


    “yeah. good luck. the average person sure ain’t gettin one. they cost $6750 just for a 3×1 (squares)”.


  80. SorryChris

    3 squares, by 1 square if you really needed clarification…

  81. Miyako.Genius

    Might get one for myself. That is when I will actually own a pool:P

  82. Holy Smokes

    “Prices start at $7,999.00 plus delivery and installation.”

    Quote from the Aqua Climb website (the brand pictured here)

  83. Lola

    Can anyone say “slippery”? Considering most climbers use chalk to get RID of moisture on their hands, this seems counterproductive.

  84. Rusty

    This looks so stupid! What a huge waste of money of a giant piece of crap. Jeez

  85. Mark

    At first this seems pretty cool, but I’d imagine it getting old fast. I think that it is an idea that should be utilized more privately. This would be a great idea for a climbing gym on a larger scale.

  86. The Child of the Dark

    You must factor the cost, amount of boredom that would come after a while with that product, how would it last in storms/very hot days/hurricanes (if you live in those areas), and the amount of young children that may get injured, into the long term cost of the Aqua Climb. For the most part I agree with Mark, though, these would be okay for public swimming pools. You would just need to make an age restriction. Like a sign saying : Only for those who are 12-55 years old.

  87. Brooke

    Wow. This I find amazing. I find it can be a little risky for children, but not life threatening or anything close. I am a nanny with several babysitting jobs and I also work in a nursery. I am not a mother, so I do not have the experience of being worried for my own kids, but I do care about children, and I would most certainly let the children I watch play with this. Go ahead say I’m a horrible nanny, but I have been told much differently. Children will play; children will get hurt. It’s a part of growing up. It’s how they learn. I would much rather children be outside playing with this than inside watching Television or playing video games. For those of you worrying about how dangerous it is, just think, it’ll provide shade too! Haha. This is an awesome invention for pools, love the idea. If you feel it is too dangerous, do not get it. Otherwise, have a wonderful time!

  88. We have one!

    We actually have these walls at our pool (a boys and girls club), we have a 4 squares across by three squares up section. Its great, and the kids LOVE it, its a great incentive for the younger ones to learn to swim and grow confident enough to swim in deep water, since they have to pass a deep-water test to be allowed to use the wall. It does require constant watch if its crowded, since the most likely injury would be a child falling on another child if you didn’t make sure to keep the fall zone clear (surprisingly, 7-11 year olds don’t always have a ton of awareness). All you really need is a common-sense setup and a watchful eye, but not single user has ever been hurt from the fall, bitten their tongue off, gotten a cut, hit any limb or chin off of anything, ect.

  89. Joe

    Nice photo shopping in the last pic. Take a close look at the size of the lifeguard and the size of the person on the wall.

  90. are you kidding me ^^^

    @joe…u must be some sort of stupid. if YOU take a closer look its pretty clear that the lifeguard is sitting 3 meters above the pool and closer to the camera…nice try tho im sure everyone admires your enthusiasm

    -from joe

  91. Ryan

    I wanna do dis ….

  92. nate

    looks great and all..but what happens when you reach the top? do you just throw yourself off like a re-re lol

  93. me

    I’ve been going to swimming holes all in the south and done this on real rocks and have never gotten real hurt, I like this is a great idea, pricey but cool.

  94. me

    nate you just jump duh!

  95. ME

    Dude, there is one of these at CSU!!!! Not as colorful but it is awesome

  96. Fatty McTubs

    As an overweight youth I greatly discourage anyone to purchase one of these for their pool. Its hard enough having to wear a T shirt and always being asked to do cannonballs and bellyflops for my normal sized friends. I certainly weigh too much to climb a wall.

  97. RaftGirl

    why is everybody confused about the cost? I went to the sales page… It’s $6700 for a wall 3 panels high, but only one panel wide. for each additional 3×1 panel wall it’s an addition $5,000. of course for that kind of money, you could build your own from scratch. Although modular has it’s advantages.

  98. RaftGirl

    And yes. worrying that your child is going to get hurt is like worrying your child’s going to grow up. It’s going to happen and , frankly, it’s rather necessary for them to heal and learn and grow into stronger people for it. Those who are exposed to nothing are at risk of everything!! Stop raising your children to be infants. Please, i can’t take it anymore.

    Also, As a former fatty myself, a bit of advice. if you’re wondering if you’re going to break the wall, don’t climb it!!!! Go run laps around the pool till you can see you own toes without bending over and when you can stand up from a laying position without grunting…then come climb.

  99. Frank P

    You people worrying about lawsuits are are a result of todays entitlment society and quite frankly, you are ruining our country. If you choose to climb a wall over water, you risk the consequences if you get hurt unless the thing was put up incorrectly or something like that (i.e. negligent behavior). If you get hurt, its YOUR FAULT. And what… are you going to outlaw diving boards because some dude ignored the sign and dove in head first? Or what about outlawing dive toys since someone can hit their head while diving to the bottom of the pool. Or better yet, outlaw pools, guns, cars, hammers and red rider bb guns because someone COULD get hurt. No wonder your kids act like little bitches, they think its everyone elses responsibility to keep them safe. I read a story about a 20 year old who got smashed a at bar, wrecked their car and got paralyzed….so what did they do? She is trying to sue to Bar for not checking her ID. So its the Bars fault she intentionally broke the law and ended up a parapalegic. Its pathetic, take responsibility for yourself.

  100. lilmookie

    Looks like this is about 10k once you buy the puppy and install it.

    This looks safer than a rock climbing gym (although a 10 foot drop into the water in itself might be painful as all hell)

    The materials are made to be waterproof.

    And the “lawyer” here is retarded. It’s called “sign a waiver before you use it”. Otherwise, as long as you have 2 locked gates and signs up, anyone using it without permission is trespassing.

    If you have 10k, you likely have access to your own lawyers and legal advice anyway.

  101. reason

    This is no more dangerous than regular pool activities. We all remember the NO RUNNING signs as kids, right? By the the way, when was the last time anyone saw a dangerously heavy person climb ten feet up a rock wall?
    We should also thank the lawyer for their difficult FREE consultation.

  102. Anton

    good idea wall climbing on the pool

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