Energy Return Wheel

Energy Return Wheel

Innovative wheel concept designed by Brian Russell comes with airless tires that make cars safer and help reduce fuel consumption.

Energy Return Wheel is made out of carbon fiber and kevlar components that decrease the weight and increase the overall strength.

Airless Wheel


Airless Tires

Airless Tire

Also check out: Innovative Airless Tires by Michelin

  1. Fred

    They look cool, and it’s a great concepts, but I can’t help but think they’d have issues around here in a couple months when there’s a foot of snow to fill up that gap.

  2. panubo

    @ fred

    i don’t think that should be a problem, if you clean the wheel once in a while or something.
    great idea, if its safe and better, it should be installed everywhere.

  3. ed

    Similar to the Michelin Tweel. Been waiting for that to hit the market for 10+ years…

  4. forumlogic

    Desire, love, want, need ….

  5. Juliana

    it could be expensive and could have some issues after alot of wear but its a very good idea and it will help resolve the problem of fossil fuels running out

  6. Connor

    If you look at the second video, the ERW tire has walls so the snow or other debris wont be an issue.

  7. Darrell

    I love it!
    And yeah. Quite similar to the “tweel.” Wonder which one actually works better..

  8. René

    Before the Michelin tweel, there was a similar tire invented by a Mr. Martin of Jersey City, NY. That was in 1938 !

  9. Fred


    You’ve never seen a Wisconsin winter I take it. You’d have to stop every three blocks to clean the snow out.

  10. pyatki

    its cool

  11. Kyle

    I’d be interested to know the actual amount of gas these things save

  12. ed


    Very cool – Cheers for the link. :)

  13. corey

    fred they would probably have something to fill the gap so snow wouldn’t get in there and damage the tire

  14. Arabian

    small start for an amazing idea :)

  15. Phryk

    Noise… this is not the 1st atempt at airless tires and the problem was always the large amount of noise they generate…

  16. Gandi

    Is there enough kevlar to be massed produced?

  17. Anthony Sanchez

    What about the people in NASCAR or track how is tht going to effect them dnt they need all the rubber they can get

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