Innovative Airless Tires

Innovative Airless Tires by Michelin

Tweel is an innovative tire design created by Michelin. The tire uses no air and therefore cannot burst or become flat.

Instead, Tweel’s base is connected to shock-absorbing polyurethane spokes which are used to support the outer rim.

Tweel Airless Tires by Michelin

Tweel Airless Tires

Airless Tires by Michelin

Tweel Airless Tire

Tweel Airless Tire by Michelin

Tweel Video Presentation

Tweel Tires by Michelin

Tweel Airless Tires

Innovative Tweel Tire

Innovative Tweel Tires

Innovative Tweel Tires by Michelin

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  1. Sachawinter

    Very interesting idea.. I wonder if these are available for the public…

  2. Siti Web Bologna

    The future!!!

  3. Hajime

    Epic win!!
    Every car can use these tires forever!!

  4. Lone

    All those benefits, and many sound great, would shut down a fair number of related industries or minimize them severely, such as Michelin itself (a tire lasting ‘forever’ would eat a lot of profit). The video is about three years old so its hard to say if thisll go farther than prototyping.

  5. Benjamin

    Although a great idea, I replace my tyres when the tread becomes too worn, something these wouldn’t really address. Great idea for 4×4 and other heavy duty applications though, where punctures could be more common and tread wear was reduced.

  6. Sleepy

    Why do you think that these would last forever? Threads will wear, hence you will have to change the tyres. The advantage is, no puncture no flat tyre. GREAT IDEA.

  7. Andrea

    I agree with Sleepy, otherwise today we would still use wooden tires.

  8. Ryan

    Indeed, this is a great idea. I wonder how well the polyurethane “spokes” perform under a lot of torque. Also looks like the ride would be pretty rough…

  9. Blunckhouse

    The Tweel comes up every few years and people always think it’s a brand new idea–it’s not. It came out in January 3rd, 2005 and hasn’t gone anywhere since:

  10. Dijinn

    Lone said, “All those benefits, and many sound great, would shut down a fair number of related industries or minimize them severely…”
    The current business model of production and greed has seriously harmed our planet. Jobs have already been shed because of the misalignment of greedy constraints.

    Lone said, …”a tire lasting ‘forever’ would eat a lot of profit”… By acting for the future in the here and now, we as a people, a planet a country are better. Remaining in the ills of the profit model only, is not something most people would embrace, unless they are selfish.

  11. lano

    These tires may very well hit the market, but I am quite convinsed they will have limited impact on the every-man-customer. They don’t look good. And i seriously doubt they are very aerodynamic, wich immediately makes them inappropriate for racing. And that also means bugger fuel consumption.

    Very good idea, and probably works just fine on the CAT machine above. But for cars? Not a chance.

  12. gary

    wheely good idea, tho’ if i was a tire I would be feeling a little bald and deflated.

  13. trolomatic


    your saying that while typing on your Mac, right? One of the vanguards for the “planned obsolescence” business model.

    also “has seriously harmed our planet” is theory, yet to be proven by anyone.

    People need jobs, and if they made a tire that lasted forever, ya, the jobs lost would be a problem.

    However based on this tire’s design, while yes, it would be impervious to puncture damage, the fact that it doesn’t have an intertube and stress is applied directly to the internal trusses which in-turn don’t absorb the pressure nearly as much as an air pocket would, you would not only have a much “bumpier” ride (unless you had a new suspension system installed to compensate for these tires), the tread life on these tires would be MUCH less as well as wear our your suspension much faster as well (especially at high speeds, like highway driving).

    You have to look at prototypes objectively, as in a prototype presentation they never mention the problems.

  14. trolomatic

    oh and for reference

    The Tweel does have several flaws, however, the worst being vibration. Above 50 mph, the Tweel vibrates considerably. That in itself is a big problem, but it also causes two other things: noise and heat. A fast moving Tweel is unpleasantly loud [Source: CBS News]

  15. karen

    im pretty sure its still just a prototype… no need to go around making super scientific references or whatever…

  16. trolomatic


    isn’t that the point of prototyping? to go and make “super scientific or whatever” analysis and determine if it is a worthwhile design to build upon? Or is it just to make the class say “OOO that looks Neat!” and get a good grade in your design class?

  17. Fabiano

    lano, the “tweels” is obviously showing without the sides just to demonstrate the interiors and how it works. Im sure they can place some rubber in the sides and they will look like ordinary tires. So your argument about aesthetics and aerodynamic is stupid.

  18. Lone

    Sleepy – I misheard what the video said, substituting wear for air pressure.

    Dijinn – I was speaking (in partial error, see above) on the effects of this tire on related businesses. I have love for the environment too but its OT and bleeding hearts dont change the fact that job and financially loss trump (and likely continue doing so) mother nature in most cases.

  19. Eppers

    Great idea… but I’d like to see how they hold up in a Minnesota winter.

  20. Geoff

    Cool idea, but also very old. I first read about this more than three years ago. I guess they haven’t gotten it product-ized yet.

  21. kiwi

    Literally reinventing the wheel

  22. Wesley

    Really old news and I kind of find them to be ugly (although, it’s probably because I’m not used to them).

  23. Kararchi

    the tire wont last forever….it will still ware and tear it just can’t get flat because there’s no air in it

  24. anniejain

    its a fantabulous innovation!!!!!!

  25. benja

    Wow it literally will take over the market

  26. Cliff

    I love the way Michelin has been promoting this for now 3 years and it’s no closer to commercial viability than in was 3 years ago. Nice PR ploy though. Focus on things that divert attention from your current products that are overpriced. Wasn’t PAX the product of the future 5 years ago? What happened to that? Michelin walked away from it because it’s too expensive and unserviceable. By the way, if I have a new BMW, do you think I want an ugly tire like tweel on my vehicle? Not now. Not ever. But keep banging the drum for another 3 years Michelin.

  27. Ali

    That’s amazing.
    But could you please let me know, how we can buy it? (B2B)

  28. x_xabier



    awesome, a really cool advance for the transport

  29. paul

    why has nobody ever thought of this? I’m amazed. That polymer technology must have been around for a while, or not?

  30. Fred fred burger

    This is revolutinary!!! Now we can out run the cops!!! now spike strips are obsolete woohoo!!!


  31. ghprod

    Cant believe it!

    Tires of future!

    Really great idea, when this item will available for public?


  32. Dody Kariem



  33. Fathelee

    well, with this type of tyres.. there would be no place for 20 inch rims..

    plus, i think they are not making much profit as this would once off thing, hence they are halting the progress of this product.

  34. M

    It´s an very old idea !!
    First presentation was 2005 !!

  35. Jim

    If this is from 2005, what happened to it? Buried because it would last too long?

  36. dave

    no you jackasses.. you’re not hearing about it because it takes a long time to get these things RIGHT. They can’t just mass produce them because they’re still experimental. Wait about a decade – then you’ll be sick of kids dissing your old school ride with its air-filled tires. More likely still is that you’ll see a gradual shift toward an “airless” tire.. it’s actually already begun..

  37. Ron

    A little more research would have revealed to you that: a. They have a problem that they are too noisy. They are still working on that. b. They come with only one style wheel now and need to invent more to suit public taste. c. They last 2 to 3 times longer that aired tires. d. They can be retreaded.

  38. Aaron Woodcock

    The technology for cars that don’t even need tires or tyres is already available to us but is not being used. You are all slaves. Everything is for a reason. Greed. Bow down before the one you serve. Make more tires. Burn the entire earth to the ground. All of you are to stupid to see the big picture. Humans do not deserve a planet that they continually pollute day upon day.

  39. Sumit

    The concept of “TWEEL” is really a revolutionary idea in the automobile sector,as an Engineering student,I am eager to study this concept in details,so can you please mail me more info. of it.
    also can we use a)springs replacement for flexible spokes at some extent…?
    b)shall spokes to be given some aerodynamic or curve shape…?
    c)can we use a very thin circular plastic/fibre plates as mud guard fits at centre hub on both sides for protection of flexible spokes…?
    d)kindly suggest any other suitable material at the replacement of polyurethane..?
    waiting for reply..? and heartly congratulations for your success…..

  40. Gideon


    I think you’ll find that this idea is much older than 5 years.

    Search for “J.V.Martin+Garden City New York” and “Airless Safety Tires”.

    I think these were from around 1939

  41. Phil

    I do like the idea. However, I’m not so sure how it would stand up in cold and snowy weather. If snow gets in the spokes and freezes….alot of damage can occur especially when driving. I can envision tearing of the spokes and the tire breaking off at 60 mph. I don’t think it would be a pretty sight.

  42. Roy

    Wow! Imagine how many limbs loss and deaths can be prevented. No more blown tires. I just hope it will be available soon from my local tire dealer. CONGRATS MICHELIN!

  43. twill

    Don’t expect them on passenger vehicles (other than the one in the pics), because they’re noisy and inefficient above 50mph+. Good for slower vehicles like the construction vehicle in the pic.

  44. David Guest

    This Tire will trap ice and mud which will in turn throw the wheel out of balance…………….good tire for quads in rocky areas..yes…good for jeeps in rock climbimg competitions ..yes…….good for people with diabilty transportation buggy’s…yes……good for unicycle…yes

  45. Narcoleptic Hero

    Some of these comments are pure rubbish. Claims of lasting forever, not being aerodynamic, etc. First the tire tread will wear and the customer will have to replace them unless, he likes to slide into walls when it rains. Aerodynamics? I’ve seen an old block of a truck, C-10 Chevy, with 650hp do a 10 second quarter mile. If these tires hinder the aerodynamics in anyway, it would be so minuet you won’t even notice it. In my opinion it will actually improve power and performance since there is less rim required which is most of the weight. When people are looking for a good race application rim, they look for 14lb forged rim or lighter. The heavier the wheel the more power is lost trying to turn it. One issue I see, that isn’t addressed is heat. When you track race you want your wheels warmed up so they are sticky and grip better. When the regular tires warm up, the air inside the tire heats up and keeps the wheel warm. Pretty much this “spoke” design is acting like a giant heat sync. Unless you have an AWD vehicle you will have an issue with grip in a drag/track setting and could cause body roll. I also agree they are ugly but I can see the added benefits to them (no flats, etc.). Someone mentioned police chases and stop sticks which that can lead to another issue. I can see this as an everyday commuter replacement but needs more refinement and testing before it hits any type of race setting.

  46. Jerry

    It looks like abrilliant idea for offroad vehicles and construction work vehicles that see a lot of rough surface without theidea of going to fast. I think, however that obvious challenges are heat control and efficiency. This tire, is in no way capable for “race settings” despite the obvious, it would lose an immense amount of power from the engine to the wheel, power that would otherwise be going to the ground. With these tires, its basically like driving around with perpetual low air pressure. . .

  47. Stan

    I think those concerned with performance need’nt worry. Aerodynamics will be easily dealt with as for ride, the ride can be as soft or firm as needed. It just can’t be adjusted after manufacture. High speed tire cooling should be incredible simply due to the radial spoke (fan) design. Tire sidewall roll will be eliminated. For the first time ride comfort can be matched with a very stiff lateral resistance making a soft riding tire that doesn’t roll from side to side! Ingenious. The issue I see is cost. They will be very expensive at least initially. I think we will find them to be highly recyclable because they will simply be resurfaced with new tread. Visually, they will take some getting used to but that also will open an entirely new market for breathable wheel covers.

  48. jt elliott

    You will still have friction and stress cracking. Friction on the tread and stress cracking on the spokes and inner rim… It will not last forever..

  49. Rich

    LOL, are you all serious about the tire ‘lasting forever’. It’s still rubber, it still encounters friction. Granted you won’t need to fill it with air, thus making it last longer as we all know, the greatest threat to treadwear is under inflation, but the tread will wear like any other tire.

    It’s a great concept and yes, it’s been around for a while. It’s out of the box. People don’t like change therefore it’s up to Michelin to take the chance at marketing this.

  50. lynn

    how many years do they last any one know

  51. Deb

    I would love to know what the make of wheelchair is in the photo as well as the quad type bike.

  52. John Shepherd

    This idea whilst first given a airing in 2005 has a great deal of potential and I am surprised that we have not heard more about it.
    Not only would it resolve a number of issues associated with motoring and punctures/blow-outs it would/could greatly reduce fuel consumption because of the reduction in ‘Unsprung Weight’ reduction. The reducing of Unsprung Weight is a very widely know factor in increasing the 0-60mph times in performance cars,this resulted in Alloy Wheels and more lately a reduction in spoke numbers and thickness & width.
    The lasting for ever is surely a bit of stretching the truth. The tread would still wear down and ultimately need a replacement of the same type/manufacture.
    My guess is that these are up & ready to go but are being kept back because they would destroy the ‘Run Flat’ market.
    In order for these not to go the way of the RoStyle wheels from years ago they need a dedicated hub and stud configuration that is unlike any other vehicle except one of the very same concept.

  53. Max Gassman

    A possibility could be to sell the tweel(airless tire) as a spare tire for automobiles in the aftermarket. The tweel(airless tire) would have to be sold with insurance to cover the use, since it is still in the development stage.

  54. Charles

    Useless in winter. Snow and sleet would constantly get stuck in the spokes and create huge imbalances.

  55. Anirudh

    Get this in India and you will be billionaire. Here every car and bike got punctured in a month and every body want this solution.

  56. Lexx

    what is dirt or water gets inside? that would unbalance tire greatly creating big vibration.

  57. rene fuentes

    whats the price of the tires and where can we buy them !!!!

  58. Edward Pease

    Just think of parking your car in a puddle of water that freezes. The spokes will get torn out and the car will drop just like having four flat tires but now you will need four new tires.

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