Human Powered Car

Human Powered Car

HumanCar is the world’s first practical human powered four passenger car.

Designed by Charles Greenwood, the vehicle is powered by a rowing-like motion that is converted into rotational power. Alternatively, built-in electric motor helps power the car when it is being operated by only one person.

Human Car


Leaning motion from one or more occupants directs the car. Regenerative braking and an advanced power system enhance overall efficiency.

Flintstones Car

Human Powered Electric Car

The retail price of a human powered electric car is expected to be $15,500.

Rowing Car

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  1. Mark

    Pretty cool if you’re retired.

  2. dimi

    Looks fun until you collide with an SUV, or a smart car for that matter.

  3. chelsea_fc

    Keep it on the go kart track

  4. forumlogic

    If it really works with four rowers why didn’t they show it? Using the electric motor isn’t new.

  5. R

    does anyone know the song in the first movie?? it’s super! chillout dubstep… exactly what i need on a sunday

  6. Gleasonator

    Shouldn’t he be wearing a seatbelt?

  7. inan

    Flinstones! yaba daba duuu! :)))

  8. jaqi mugo


  9. IrMa

    Doesn’t look comfortable, but this is like in my dream.. Like this! (^_^)

  10. Borel


  11. Pete

    How am I supposed to text and stuff myself with McDonald’s while driving this thing?

  12. Reilly

    Well, I’d go crazy if I was stuck in traffic behind one.

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