Human Powered Monorail Racetrack

Human Powered Monorail Racetrack

Shweeb is world’s first human powered monorail racetrack. Located in New Zealand, it allows you to race against your friends and get the heart-pumping workout in complete safety.

Shweeb Human Powered Monorail Racetrack

Shweeb Monorail Racetrack

Human Powered Personal Monorail

Personal Monorail

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  1. mr beans

    soooo freaking cool where can i try this?

  2. mr beans

    in the u.s. i mean

  3. Diego

    I think is in New Zeland..

  4. Maksimo

    lol, it says: New Zealand for a reason. Try there, guessing its ya best bet. Also looks pretty fun!

  5. Janell

    Looks cool but like they would roast in the sun. Can I get some AC with that?

  6. @Janell

    They should devise a mechanism where you are not stationary inside the pods, but perhaps you are moving, at speeds upto 70kmh, that would allow airflow to keep you cool. I am not sure how they could do this as that would require some kind of track, or rail, perhaps a monorail for cost and simplicity, and then you’d need some kind of motor system, ideally, given the position of the rider, you could use human power, perhaps with pedals, to allow them to move the pod. I will write to the people who have made these seemingly purposeless plastic pods and suggest this at once. Well spotted.

  7. @Janell

    Oh, and yes, that chick does have nice legs

  8. mrbonglord

    Is there a chance the track could bend?

  9. gary

    I could see this catching on in the US. Maybe the pedal power could generate electricity too!

  10. moburkhardt

    @@Janell yea lovely legs

  11. John H.

    I’m a failed engineer. I failed because I’m so pessimistic. For example: those plastic pods look pretty nice now, but how long before they get scratched up and become… somewhat dreary. Just like plastic headlamp covers on your modern cars. Now that’s a business plan! Little scratch: new car required!

  12. paintbot

    they should use these instead of those trains in theme parks. that would be COOL.

  13. Mofo

    They have this in Rotorua, New Zealand. Rotorua is a tourist center located near the center of the north island. Ive been to Rotorua a few times, but have never tried this myself, but have been told it is good fun.

  14. Tony


    not a chance my Hindu friend

    And the rest of you, How did no-one say that already ?

  15. Shameister

    interesting idea!

  16. Beezy

    I WANT!

  17. Valerie Babin

    The Shweeb is awsome, I’ve seen a reportage on it and I wish it a large presence in our futur life!

  18. Genetic Criminal

    Crickey, that Aussie reporter is an annoying nob even by Aussie standards.

  19. Anthony Proulx

    Wicked as @#$%!! Who wouldn’t want one of these in their back yards!!

  20. S Barringer

    Way cool! If Americans are do all-fired innovative, why does everyone else keep coming up with the advanced-thought stuff?
    The enclosed pod has real promise for cold weather regions. Your cycle stuck in the garage?–go race on the pod track.

  21. D Graham

    I do a lot of rode riding and that would be
    awsome in the winter in Michigan USA when the snow comes. Oh yes that girl does have nice legs

  22. RS design

    This whole idea rocks, perhaps, i would prefer a more sophisticated cart design.

  23. Jake S

    I think this would have a cooler feel if the rider was head first to give more of a flying feel and to give more of a sprinting feel, it seems to have more power and speed to me. And maybe have the tracks higher up in the air to add more of a danger of falling fear.

  24. Lyle Lanley

    Well, sir, there’s nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car Monorail!

    What’d I say?

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