Pedal Powered Submarine

Pedal Powered Submarine

Scubster is a human powered personal submarine made from carbon fiber.

Designed by Stephane Rousson to take part in next year’s International Submarine Race, the sub currently travels at a maximum speed of 6 mph and can reach depths of 20 feet. [photos by Terence Dewaele]

Pedal Submarine


Scubster Personal Submarine

Personal Submarine


Human Powered Submarine

Pedal Powered Personal Submarine

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  1. Taylor

    Pretty cool

  2. James Ward

    Not really new – The Turtle invented in Old Saybrook, Connecticut in 1775 by American Patriot David Bushnell was the world’s first submarine. It was powered by hand cranks rather than foot pedals.

  3. Sharyn

    That is just awesome!

    Not sure about the scuba gear though, I suspect you’d use a lot more air pedaling so you might not be able to stay down long. But for those of us who like a bit of glass between us and nature, it looks brilliant!

  4. Tomv

    The turtle was a myth. There’s no evidence it ever existed beyond a diagram that scientists suggest wouldn’t have worked at all. Patriot or not he was a fraud.

  5. Pete

    Is it really a submarine if it stays open the whole time? The pictures clearly show that the back window is just open space.

    Interesting, but I was hoping for a true submarine :)

  6. Chris

    I was on the Human Powered Submarine team at Virginia Tech. As a pilot, you do use a lot more air since you’re exerting so much energy, but you can also carry more air with a sub this size!

  7. Catherine

    It’s neat. I’d love to have a go.

  8. kruione


    thanks @pete for sucking the fun out of this..

  9. Goci

    I don’t see the purpose of having a submarine if I have to wear a diving suit the whole time! Why do I need a submarine then?!

  10. Pete


    your welcome

  11. captain obvious

    Human powered when underwater? Why?? I would rather have battery power so my air supply lasts longer!

  12. Aidin

    I think its neat against sharks and scary things in the water

  13. Rosie

    a sub where youre still in a scuba suit seems kinda pointless.

  14. trolololol

    uhh… what happens if you get tired?

  15. Chris

    Well it is a submersible so is classified as a true submarine. Granted would have done something to make it waterproof but is still an awesome concept

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