Mad Max Concept Cars

Mad Max Concept Cars

Ford created two concept cars inspired by the Mad Max movie franchise.

Interceptor cars were designed by Nima Nourian and Simon Brook.

Mad Max Concept Car

Mad Max Car

Ford Mad Max Interceptor Car

Ford Mad Max Car

Concept Car

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  1. Sharynm

    Pretty cool, but more Knight Rider than Mad Max IMO

  2. fever

    You want to see real Mad Max? search in google “zetas el monstruo”, it’s a car (more like an attempt) made by criminals, not car designers, so it really has the Mad Max look (an lots of flaws in design).

  3. douglas

    Mad Max? Very cool, but post apocalypse, no.

  4. Raoul Duke

    So nineties… Even the Ford GT90 looked more futuristic.

  5. po

    ok, you guys do need to learn more about futuristic theme!

  6. jahoo

    2 futuristic & shinny 4 Mad Max postapocaliptic world :D but still cool.

  7. Darrell

    I like the one that doesn’t have the electric stuff in the front..

  8. Aldo Ojeda

    When does the ‘Mad Max’ part enters?

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