USB Rechargeable Batteries

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Innovative batteries can be easily recharged through any standard USB port.

Designed to be recharged hundreds of times, USBCELL batteries will save you money and help reduce waste / impact on the environment.

To recharge, simply pop off the cover and plug in the battery into USB port of your computer, laptop, gaming console, or a charging station. [order]

Rechargeable Batteries

Charge via USB


Recharge at Home

USBCELL Rechargeable Battery

Recharge On the Go

USBCELL Rechargeable Batteries

USBCELL Rechargeable Batteries

USB Battery

USB Batteries

USB Rechargeable Battery

USB Batteries

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  1. jacklyn

    Genius!! :D

  2. Jury

    Box with cable for USB and contacts in a box for two, four different conventional finger akkumulyatorv.

  3. Spectator

    so now the laptop discharges even faster?

  4. nessa

    I LOVE IT!!! mainly cause i forget to charge my laptop

  5. Fakhri

    The question is, how much should i pay for it?

  6. jacude

    but the question is: will it blend?

  7. Christina

    No Way! I have had these for sooo long – BUT they don’t fit into all electronics that take AAs. Stopped using them a couples weeks after buying.

  8. Sepehr

    your response just made my day :))

  9. Frederick

    These look neat in theory. Friend had them and didn’t like them so gave them to me. I can see why he’d give them away.

    They don’t fit into all electronics that take AA batteries. Generally, the more expensive the electronics (or more AA batteries it requires) it has more precision-made parts that don’t accommodate the ever-so-slightly-larger form factor of these batteries.

    Also for photographers like myself, we need a constant drain not a sudden and infrequent bursts in energy. Just normal everyday rechargeable ones turned out to be much more reliable in that regard.

  10. Arthur

    By using usb rechargeable batteries, I guess we should plug in our laptop to outlet for it not to be discharged easily, though I am quite amazed on this invention, non-rechargeable batteries could adds up our garbage and can cause harm not only to our health but also to our nature.

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