15 Unique and Creative USB Flash Drives

15 Unique and Creative USB Flash Drives

Collection of unusual and creative USB flash drives that will help you transfer your files in style.

Mechanical USB Flash Drive

When in use, this handmade 16GB USB flash drive glows green from underneath the gears giving the key a good sense of movement.

Mechanical USB Flash Drive

Canon 5D Mark II USB Flash Drive

4GB USB flash drive in the shape of EOS 5D Mark II digital camera.

Canon 5D Mark II USB Flash Drive

Cereal Spoon USB Flash Drive

Unusual flash drive created from Bran Flakes cereal, a silver spoon, and lots of glue.

Cereal Spoon USB Flash Drive

Wooden Clamp USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive designed to look like an ordinary wooden clamp.

Wooden Clamp USB Flash Drive

Wooden Clamp USB Drive

Taco Bell Border Sauce USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive inspired by Taco Bell Border Sauce packets.

Taco Bell Border Sauce USB Flash Drive

Transforming USB Flash Drive

This flash drive will make a great gift for any Transformers fan. [buy now]

Ravage Transforming USB Flash Drive

Ninja Star USB Flash Drive

Awaken the inner Ninja in yourself with this Shuriken shaped USB Thumb Drive.

Ninja Throwing Star USB Flash Drive

Bacon USB Flash Drive

Creative flash drive design inspired by bacon. Mmmmm, bacon! [more bacon]

Bacon USB Flash Drive

Gold Brick USB Flash Drive

This gold brick USB flash drive will surely impress your coworkers.

Gold Brick USB Flash Drive

Lipstick USB Flash Drive

Custom USB flash drive created from a real lipstick.

Lipstick USB Flash Drive

Surfboard USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive with creative surfboard design and colorful graphics.

Surfboard USB Flash Drive

Wooden Cross USB Flash Drive

Custom made USB flash drive shaped like a wooden cross.

Wooden Cross USB Flash Drive

“Nailed” USB Flash Drive

The USB Nail is a 2GB flash drive shaped like a giant nail. It costs about $46 and is sure to get a rise out of the IT department.

Nailed USB Flash Drive

Sushi USB Flash Drives

Do you like Sushi? Then you will love these Sushi USB flash drives. [more]

Sushi USB Flash Drives

Wristband USB Flash Drive

Fashionable mass storage device that you can wear wherever you go and your data and information will be there whenever you need.

Wristband USB Flash Drive

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  1. j


  2. psychodork

    So freakin’ cool =D

    The cereal spoon and hot sauce ones are hilarious.

  3. Numanul Subhani

    Wooden Clamp one is so cool…. Surfboard one is elegantly designed… =D

  4. Paul Sample

    I love surfboard usb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. vinaykumar

    nice stuffs


    i love Sushi USB Flash Drives

  7. Dana S

    also, there’s the credit-card usb flash drive, and the design-it-yourself flash drive by walletex.

  8. Dan Ruby

    No Mimobot? I have a Darth Vader Mimobot flash drive, which absolutely rules.

  9. itsbrandnew

    The lipstick, someone made by hand!!! OMG I have to try that with my unused drive I got last year incase I lost the one I always took to school. These are cool!

  10. vitaminjeff

    Wow! ZAWESOME. :D

  11. Fernando

    Loved the surfboard! I´d add the Lacie USB key

  12. erwin15155

    i like Transforming USB Flash Drive.

  13. Mniya

    i wanna buy the lipstick one , from where can i buy that

  14. Le Hoa

    I love the Lipstick ! :X

  15. Arthur Harris

    These USB’s are quite unique, I liked the Transformer!

  16. Jef

    don’t normally like the geeky toys, but i thought the transformer was cool.

  17. Jade V.

    I want it all!

  18. moneybrown

    damn man were can we find these at???

  19. Francis

    “Nailed” USB Flash Drive is so cool , love it

  20. Kevin

    What? No love for the mechanical flash drive? I’d buy that if it wasn’t ridiculously expensive (for good reason though. 26 rubies!?). I also like the wristband flash drive, that could be handy.

  21. casle

    BAAAAAACCCCCOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! simply awesome.

  22. clarjon1

    *winces* i do IT type work, and i WINCED when i saw the nail USB drive… i gotta get that to scare my GF ;)

  23. niol

    awesome stuff

  24. Drew Travers

    Obviously, no one knows that the “wooden clamp” is a clothes pin uses to hang your undies out to dry on the line!

  25. tylermc94

    i love the last one

  26. specialcharacter

    Wooden Clamp? Is that what you Americans call them?

    Here in England, we call them “Clothes Pegs”.

    What do you guys “clamp” with them?

  27. Chuck

    If the mechanical USB stick had a tiny motor that moved the gears, it’d rock!

  28. Maik Blume

    I love that :-)

  29. Lilit

    Sushi flash drive…mmmm:)
    My favorite!

  30. stephen

    I like the transformer USB Flash Drive. I think it is cool

  31. Logo Flash Er

    Transformer USB drive is epic win.

  32. Jo Clemons

    Love them! Saw the lipstick usb on CSI. Had to see if they really existed. Must have one or all of them.

  33. RIX69

    OMG i was just checking out this really cool site and i came across my own CEREAL USB Key. This is still sitting on my desk to :-)

  34. K.R.

    where could we buy these unique flash drives

  35. frank

    well, we call them “clothes pins” a name that, on reflection, doesn’t make much sense either unless you’ve seen the old fashioned version.

  36. ChEeSe

    omg the ninja star was AWESOME!!!!!! and i loved the cereal spoon one!!!!

  37. RGray

    Seriously, How can i buy one of these? The transformer is awesome!

  38. Kimluv

    i saw the lipstick USB already on an episode of CSI:NY and the cross USB on an episode of IRIS (a Korean Drama).. so yeh but they are all pretty cool!!!

  39. MpegEVIL

    I collect flash drives, and I want all of them. The steampunk one was especially cool, so was the clothespin.

  40. daniela

    these things r so kul i want all of them lol

  41. Dan LaRocque

    Love the clothespin and the nail. Where do you get them?

  42. Sonna002

    I like the wrist one it look so good. :)

  43. hasi

    I love all one!!

  44. KemodSiBorokokok

    How can we set usb flash inside our thumb? That’s the most awesome ;-}

  45. Robyn

    How can I purchase the taco bell Flashdrive?

  46. Bradley

    So now we know where Taco Bell stands as far a political alignment. Thank you Taco Bell for helping me decide where my consumer dollars are best spent, or rather best not spent.

  47. Edward Martinez

    Soundwave has upgraded his cassette tapes to USB flash Drives.

    Soundwave: “Ravage, Eject.”

  48. John Patrick

    I love the steampunk USB drive – looks fantastic and almost believably clockwork.

  49. Tim

    how do can i get a hold on these stuff. i mean they are pretty awesome

  50. Yash


    How could i place an order for the Transformers USB available on the website ?? can any one help me on this please.

  51. ap

    Does anyone know where I can find the cross necklace USB flash drive from the Korean drama IRIS?

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