Solar Powered Window Socket

Solar Powered Window Socket

Innovative electrical outlet is powered by solar energy and can be easily attached to any window.

Window Socket designed by Kyuho Song converts sunlight into electricity and allows people to charge their small electronic devices.

Simply attach the power socket to any window and plug in your device.

Portable socket can be easily transported and used in any location.

Solar Powered Electrical Outlet

Solar Powered Electrical Outlet

Works in Airplanes and Cars

Window Socket

Easy to Use

Solar Powered Window Outlet

Window Socket by Song Kyuho

Window Socket by Kyuho Song

Twist or Unplug to Turn Off

Solar Powered Socket

Suction Cup for Easy Mounting

Solar Powered Outlet

Solar Powered Power Outlet

Solar Powered Electrical Socket

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  1. GoMuhammad

    OMG, I dont ever imagine it. God bless the inventor. He has just saved the world with this simple brilliant idea!

  2. jacklyn

    pure intelligence.

  3. reason

    Brilliant idea. I hope it works as well as we all hope it does.

  4. gunneos

    Does it exist? I want one. Also good to have: an estimate on how long it would take to charge, say, an iPod Touch, vs the conventional USB/power socket.

  5. Pete


    It doesn’t exist, and isn’t really a feasible idea. It would need to be much larger for the required 240v capable conversion and smoothing, and even then, would only supply a highly variable trickle.

  6. Paulina


  7. Pete

    Despite the cool industrial design, the more I think about this, the less likely something like this could ever work.

    The idea could be somewhat salvaged *if* the plug was changed to a small USB plug with 5v DC instead of 240v AC, there were several smoothing capacitors in there to help charging, the design was re-done so the suction cup wouldn’t impact the sunlight hitting the solar panel, and you were really desperate for a solar charger.

    To give you an idea of potential power, it takes a solar panel the size of a sheet of printer paper to deliver between 5 and 10 watts in direct sunlight, if the windows aren’t tinted or otherwise coated.

    Again, cool concept, but couldn’t work in anything close to its current form. In what’s shown, it would be AC and would require an inverter and a lot of DC->AC electronics, all of which would bleed away the tiny bit of current generated.

  8. Pavel

    The idea – SUPER! Where can I buy?

  9. Moran

    Wonderful idea, great design.
    I want one (or a dozen…)!!!

  10. Rene

    A USB port version 1 or 2 supplies regulated 5 volts, but your device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) only requires 3 or 2.7 volts.
    I don’t know why the creator of this device provides for connection a regular European 220 volts outlet, when it should be a regular USB connection.
    There is no need to go up to household voltage and then have to lower it.

  11. Rosa

    It’s only a concept. It’s simply too good to be true.

  12. Stefano

    You cannot supply energy to a 220V plug with that small surface, with actual solar pannel technologies.

  13. Gert

    Yes of course because technology never improves with innovation. Yeash guys. Thomas Edison would have shaken his head in shame at these comments.

  14. jumiss

    Maybe 100 years later We can buy this item.

  15. Douglas

    Found at Brookstone, it will trickle charge a watch battery in 8 hours. Yours for only $69.95. Nice idea but Pete and others have good points. Its time will come with advances in science.

  16. K

    Beautiful design, hopefully one day this will be a reality. A watch battery charge isn’t anything.

    There IS a portable charger out there that charges kinetically. You put it in your bag/briefcase/etc and over the course of the day it collects a charge, so that it eventually always has some charge in it. It’s strong enough to charge a cell phone.

  17. Jason

    If it’s a crystalline panel you might get 1.5 watts possibly. Put a magnifier over the top and could get 3 watts. Cool idea but mostly for a phone or small USB device.

  18. gunneos

    Just as I suspected, for the amount of charge the solar area would need to be much larger. I still think this is neat though, would like to see it exist in the near future with a hopefully more efficient design.

  19. Cristian Raicu

    It provides 120/220 VAC, for sure.

  20. Manuel

    Uhm, it’s wonderful idea, but with the rampant expansion of usb charger, I would made an usb connector.

  21. mihir

    dear friend can u any body know that this solar based instrument output how much voltage & wattage ?

  22. Leia

    This looks to good to be true…

  23. dexter

    a standard solar powered charger is far better that this crap

    and for those who think someday this might be possible i have bad news for u. At that area even with a conversion rate of 100% it will provide no more than 2.5 Watts of power. Right now the conversion rate for solar panels is about 20% so the device will actually provide 0.5 Watts

  24. LEMON

    shut up and take my money!!!!!!!

  25. Amanda

    this is a great idea! does it come in American plugs too, or with a converter?

  26. Andra

    I wonder how much is the price??

  27. Kaley

    it would work so much better if the socket is a USB slot.

  28. .:Voice of Reason:.

    Wondering how hot the window socket would get after an hour of direct sunlight?…..intangibly hot, leaving your tiny mobile device 40% charged. :(

  29. Brian

    people are way too naive. If four square inches of solar panel could charge anything it would have happened a long time ago.

  30. Fuzzy

    User: OMG its so cool!
    Engineer: what the hell are you thinking.

  31. Espen

    Kind of fed up of product designers without any engineering skills or knowledge. Yea, stuff might change in the future, but in 20 years time, the design is probably outdated! Please, stick to technology that’s available now, or at least near future. Do some research on subjects related to the task, please!

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