Elevator for Your Home

Elevator for Your Home

Star Trek inspired elevator can be easily installed in any house or apartment.

Lifestyle Home Elevator designed by Terry Lifts. Max load capacity 250kg.

Fits in the corner of the room and goes through the ceiling to another floor.

Battery backup keeps elevator operational in the event of a power failure.

Terry Lifts

Star Trek Elevator

Lifestyle Home Elevator

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  1. Rafeek

    very dangerous for kids even if its cover the bottom, please avoid if you love your beloved ones…kind request sir

  2. POM

    There are some problems here.
    No mention if it complies with the elevator code for residential lifts.
    The potential of it raising up with some standing on it or descending on someone is a possibility. How the safety edge works is not described fully. For safety, it should be contained in its own room or closet.

  3. criticaleye

    Neat… this could be of great help to senior citizens who have trouble traversing stairs.

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