Raincatch Raincoat

Raincatch Raincoat

Innovative coat with water gathering, purification, and storage system converts rain drops into drinking water.

The collar collects rain drops, which are then filtered and purified using a chemical process. Clean drinkable water is stored around the hips area.

Raincatch raincoat designed by Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble.

Hyeona Yang

Joshua Noble

Hyeona Yang Raincatch

Joshua Noble Raincatch


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  1. John

    What I see on toxel is generally innovative and interesting. Any “plus” I get however is soon quashed by the fact that most seem to be kickstarts and not even in production. Where can I buy these wonderful things??? Perhaps you could put a qualifier on them: THIS ITEM IS NOT IN PRODUCTION AND THEREFORE UNAVAILABLE until some future unknown date.. A bit like going to the shop to buy some milk to make coffee and being given the same message. We wouldn’t stand for that so why should it happen with other products and commodities!!

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