Tiny Boat

Tiny Boat

Miniature fully electric boat designed to be large enough for only one person.

Tinyboat is a fully functional one-person boat designed by Erik Stehmann.

“I have a small house and a small car, but I love to be on the water, so I needed a small boat: a Tinyboat”.

Fun tiny boat accessories like an umbrella holder, solar charger, and roofrack for a tiny car are in development.


Erik Stehmann Tiny Boat

One Person Boat


Studio Erik Stehmann

Erik Stehmann Tinyboat

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  1. Patrick

    This ‘boat’ should be labeled “for use on ponds only”.
    Small lakes can have winds, waves, wakes from other boats that could swamp this boat.
    A life jacket should be worn. None shown in use.
    The “electrics” should be rated for a wet environment.

  2. MS

    “designed to be large enough for only one person”

    And useless.

  3. Marco McClean

    Delightful! So well-balanced. And you present the project perfectly, showing all angles, scale, operation. Really good work all around.

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