Sinking Boat Sculpture

Sinking Boat Sculpture

Floating sculpture of a sinking boat created by French artist Julien Berthier.

According to the artist, Love-love is the permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object.


Boat Sculpture

Sinking Yacht Sculpture

Sinking Yacht

Yacht Sculpture

Sinking Boat

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  1. Aton

    That´s cool!

  2. Evie

    Interesting idea.

  3. steven

    pretty pointless if you ask me, plus how do you moove it around???

  4. soheil


  5. Final

    ‘the boy who cried wolf’?

  6. Betty

    As someone who has grown up on boats and been through several hurricanes, and experienced boating disasters, this is nothing short of disturbing. bad idea

  7. Nataly

    Ahahahaaaaaaaa! I like it/ SMART & FUNNY)

  8. chazzzz

    kinda like it, but shouldn’t

  9. JTKirk

    HAHAHAHAHAHA betty are you serious?

  10. PauL B

    Ha ha Betty, that was an amazing comment!
    I was having a pretty cr@p day till you came along :)

  11. theUncommon

    I really like the concept. It messes with our perception of what a working boat should look like. It’s particularly fun watching it trundle about as the brain has a very set idea of what a boat is and automatically adds in the missing section of hull.

  12. bert

    @betty: amazingly i was thinking the same thing…

  13. MissP

    Half a boat that floats, if only – genius

  14. yui

    I agree Betty but I think the artist is embracing a fear and trying to let people conquer or confront a nightmare.

  15. jassi

    Whats the point …..

  16. Chad

    I like it, but then I sometimes have a warped sense of humor.

  17. pete

    people who asks what’s the point looking at art works…seriously..?

  18. James Anzalone

    @jassi …usually I won’t just say it like this, but I’ve only just woken up..


  19. Dave

    It’s a bad idea. It will confuse people if a boat is really sinking.

  20. Eskander

    Super. I like it !

  21. MS

    I am afraid that if i sit in it ,it will sink!

  22. fietjuh

    Love the idea as an art piece! And betty, please remember the artist is a frenchman. Oh yes, and he’s an artist. If artists were to tip toe around everyones feelings art wouldn’t exist! It’s all about what it symbolises.

  23. Casual Sailor

    As a sailor, I have to say; what a great idea!

    In response to an earlier comment, yes it is a functioning boat with a small outboard mounted behind the keel (see video and still “out-of-water”).

    Well Done!

  24. lanvy-nyc

    The point of art is to provoke the senses & emotion even if the emotion is disguist or dislike. The fact that a piece provokes, it serves its purpose.

  25. allan

    It would be funny if it actually sank, it would take half as long.

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