Off-Road Volkswagen Bus

Off-Road Volkswagen Bus

Volkswagen Half-Track Fox is a unique, 60-year-old all-terrain VW Bus that has been restored to mint condition by VWCV Classic Vehicles.

It was originally a Volkswagen T1 van made in the Hannover plant in 1962 and sent to Austria. There, it was modified by Volkswagen mechanic named Kurt Kretzner into off-road vehicle with four axles.

Two of of the axles were fitted with a chain drive mechanism and two with double tires for steering.

1962 Half-Track Fox Volkswagen bus is one of the most off-road-capable vehicles ever seen on mountain slopes. It is fun to drive in the snow.

Off-Road Volkswagen

Volkswagen Half-Track Fox

Off-Road Volkswagen Van

1962 Volkswagen Half-Track Fox

VW Half-Track Fox

Off-Road VW Van

Off-Road VW Bus

Half-Track Fox

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