Camouflage Art

Camouflage Art

Series of creative photographs by talented French artist Laurent La Gamba features people dressed in camouflage suits.

Each protective costume was carefully painted to match the environment.

Food Store Camouflage Art

Laurent La Gamba

Store Camouflage

Camouflage Suits

Laurent La Gamba Art

Camouflage Suit

Laurent La Gamba Camouflage Art

Food Store Camouflage


Modern Camouflage

For more incredible camouflage art, check out: The Invisible Man

  1. Lilia Smiles

    This is very cool, but I think Liu Bolin a.k.a The Invisible Man does a better and more creative job of camouflaging himself. Instead of wearing a (lame) suit he has someone paint him to match the background.

  2. Jenn Staz

    Wow, this is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t imagine all of the work that goes into this… For both the artist and the model, having to stand still for so long. Very cool!

  3. Jennifer

    agree with Lilia! But still he does a very good job!

  4. Art of Concept

    Cool art! Creative concepts! I like it

  5. Kirvi_Inci`

    I have to agree with Lilia, these are really not that impressive compared to “The Invisible Man.” Not to mention he actually covers every inch of his body and doesn’t leave a stupid floating head which ruined the illusion in every single one of these.

  6. Theobama

    Pretty awful. You can see the stand holding up the suit at the bottom. The floating heads really do ruin it.

  7. Will

    Nice try, but can only echo the sentiments of those who have said Liu Bolin does it better.

    Always good to see others try and top it though.

  8. Christian

    not that great. Why do they all look like they were taken in the 70s and 80s? lol

  9. Aldo

    very creative and imaginative! this art supposed to be a race of military camouflage. hahaha lol

  10. jay

    he fourth image looks peculiar (the one with the red and green washing machines). it’s as though they’re just standing behind a painted suit. the feet position is the same..

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