Two Pull Tabs Can

Two Pull Tabs Can

Innovative beer can with two pull tabs instead of one creates the perfect foam to beer ratio, making your drink taste amazing.

In Japan, people believe that having a layer of foam on top of beer makes it taste better. Usually, beer for home consumption comes in cans, but it’s hard to make a good foam when pouring from a can into a glass.

Two Pull Tabs Beer Can designed by Nendo solves this problem. Say goodbye to uneven foam when pouring beer from a can.

First tab opens the can a little to create more foam. Once the glass is about half full of bubbles, you stop pouring and wait for the bubbles to settle.

Then, you open the second tab, which opens the can all the way, and pour the rest of the beer gently under the foam.

No more struggling to get the right amount of foam in your beer glass.

Two Pull Tabs Can by Nendo

Foam Can by Nendo

Two Pull Tabs Beer Can

Foam Beer Can by Nendo

Two Pull Tabs Beer Can by Nendo

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  1. Stuart Halliday

    So I presume this will cost twice the amount of license to the ringpull manufactures?

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