Bowling Heads

Bowling Heads

Disturbing bowling balls created by talented spraygun artist Oliver Paass for unique ad campaign that promotes 13th Street horror television channel.

Bowling balls designed to look like zombie heads were placed in German bowling alleys to remind people that horror shows are full of tension and suspense. 13th STREET – Scream your head off!

Zombie Bowling Ball

13th Street Bowling

13th Street Ball

Horror Bowling

13th Street Bowling Ball

13th Street Bowling Head

Zombie Bowling Heads

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  1. Ninja Egg :D

    I thought bowling was supposed to be fun?!??!!? That’l scare kids for sure! DISTURBING!

  2. Ken


  3. nidia

    the idea is really impressive, but these actually scare me!

  4. intan

    oh my!!!

  5. Mon Sun

    Not into gore and blood but this is a great idea.

  6. Aggi

    Into blood and gore…I like them much more than the stale matte black balls of my local alleys. Kids see much worse in video games so Im sure their tender minds can handle something so well done.

  7. redhood

    they are so cool! omg! nice promo and idea!

    and why is there always a link to videogames? Rambo and die hard are also violent movies… but no one speaks of those do they?

  8. Leonie

    That would make bowling a lot more fun ;DD

  9. tahmas

    this is very blaky.

  10. Darrell

    That’s really interesting.

  11. Vivian

    same here.. i feel really uncomfortable to look at those bowlings.. even i have to admit it is a cool idea… but still…i don’t want to play that ball

  12. Juliee

    ROFL Freaking awesome!! I WANT THESE!! :D

  13. tara

    sick (in both sences)

  14. BOTDF

    I need that.

  15. Adam

    At least you’ll know which ball is yours. That’s definitely not an alley ball.

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