Mini-Camper Dreadnort POD

Mini-Camper Dreadnort POD

Portable shelter POD with large windows can be used as a private office, cool place to sleep, food truck, or even a modern camper van.

Dreadnort POD has solar power and comes in different sizes and layouts.

It was inspired by a shelter that could be used during a tsunami, but the current design can’t withstand a real tsunami.

There is a smaller version called the Mini-Camper that’s like a mix between a caravan and a teardrop camper.

The POD has a kitchen that folds out and space for a fridge, sink, and toilet.

Need a shelter that can do it all? Discover the comfort and convenience of the Dreadnort POD – the ultimate multi-use solution.

Portable Shelter

Dreadnort POD

Solar-Powered Pod

Portable Office Shelter

Mini-Camper POD

Living Pod by Dreadnort Boats

Dreadnort Shelter

The Dreadnort POD

Solar-Powered Shelter

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