12 Weird and Creative Socks

12 Weird and Creative Socks

Collection of unusual modern socks that will keep you warm and look great on your feet.

Toeless Socks

Keep your feet warm and cozy while stretching out with YogaToes.

Toeless Socks

Notebook and Pencil Socks

Cool socks look like a piece of notebook paper and a #2 pencil.

Notebook and Pencil Socks

Super Mario Socks

Now you can jump into warp zones like your favorite 8bit Italian hero.

Super Mario Socks

Zebra Socks

Zebra Socks

Tattoo Socks

They compliment your feet and make you look like you have a gorgeous tattoo on your leg.

Tattoo Socks

Big Banana Socks

Big Banana Socks

Cigarette Socks

If you were a smoker, know a smoker, are a smoker or just like super warm feet, KICK THE HABIT socks are just right for you.

Cigarette Socks

Hi Top Socks

Add some attitude to your kitten heels or slouchy boots with these adorable graphic socks that look just like hi-top sneakers.

Hi Top Socks

Meat Socks

Great for the next BBQ or as a clever gift for your vegan friends.

Meat Socks

Anatomically Correct Bone Socks

Go skinless with this amusing design and learn the real names for your big toe, shin bone and more.

Anatomically Correct Bone Socks

Zip It Passport Socks

Want peace of mind when traveling? Keep your passport and cash securely tucked in your zippered sock.

Zip It Passport Socks

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  1. unDave

    I have a pair of Zebra, not so “creative” if i may add, my wife had a Zebra “edition” with each toe, i mean, 10 toes all covered, pretty nice.

    -by unDaveā„¢

  2. Karen

    haha :P passport zipper one is funny :P

  3. OM

    Hey, I like the Converse ones! As soon as the recession is over I’m buying a pair! Unless someone here wants to bail me out sooner.

  4. Andrew

    I must admit i’m a little disappointed with the choices in creative and odd socks. It’s lacking anything worth making me die for.

  5. Steve

    Zip It Passport Socks is cool anyway and secure I guess while travel..

  6. maddox

    Those tattoo hose would be instat kudos and I love the skeletal feet.

  7. bayilik

    tattoo socks and passport socks very good. people can put their money into socks’ part.Anyone don’t guess that money is there :D

  8. Goo

    Slow news day in the design world… nothing innovative here. (Though at least the passport socks are functional.)

  9. Karin Stewart

    Great bang for the buck. Socks are NOT the most expensive thing on the planet, so in these times you can “splurge” and not break the bank to have something new!

  10. Bogdan Epureanu

    Super cool, but not practical.

  11. RaDe

    Pretty cool :)

  12. Scott

    Gotta love those Chuck Taylors!

  13. nina

    the most creative socks i’ve found so far are little miss matched. made for teens, but i rock em all the time.

  14. latincrow

    loving the notebook pencil combo XD, also don’t wear the passport zippers to the airport, you really want to take a knee and mess with your socks, while a taser happy homeland security officer watches you?

  15. Fresh

    Very much a fan of the Zip It Passport Socks

  16. A.D.K.

    haha, this are weird, I liked only the last one with the passport,lol this is nice idea, someone can put the money inside :D

  17. Grafiker

    I like the Passport Socks. :-) Great Idea.

  18. clara

    The Passport Socks is the best one I think

  19. Dara

    Zip It Socks are beyond practical! Love ’em. Wear them allllll the time.

  20. Kara

    omg hightop is simply awesome :O

  21. mickey mouse

    love the converse socks

  22. Isa

    Zebra? That’s a stretch…

  23. music

    I like them!
    Specially tattoo socks, hi top socks and zip it!!

  24. Larna

    i wish the tattoo socks is much longer…suitable for short skirts..pfff

  25. baraqbah nida

    zip it passport & hi top socks the best,,,

  26. 0803060.e

    the tattoo socks look kool i like em

  27. moe

    haha zip it passport socks? more like hidden drug pocket

  28. ea

    I wish the skeletal socks were longer and on a background other than white.

  29. goli

    I really love to wear them

  30. Wahab

    Passport socks are of great function. No pocket picker wiould have imagined money pocket in socks!!!

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