Bicycle Cars

Bicycle Cars

Bamboo car frames added to bicycles allow people on bikes to safely travel on roads with cars.

Bicycle Cars made by Latvian cyclists for Let’s Bike It! event during the European Sustainable Mobility Week.

Now cars in traffic will keep proper distance from cyclists.

Bike Car

Bike Cars

Latvian Bicycle Car

Latvia Bicycle Car

Latvian Bicycle Cars

Latvia Bicycle Cars

Bicycle Car

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  1. pTc

    If memory serves, a shattered bamboo cane can have a razor sharp edge. Now if that razor sharp edge was made by being shattered by a force of a car that would involve a lot of movement, including sending the blade toward the wearer of this idiotic contraption.

    Safe, it is not.

  2. Tudor Miles

    ..the cyclists i see on the road would NEVER use one of these, as it hinders them from darting in-between traffic on the road.

    For them it appears getting from a to b quickly takes priority over safe cycling!

    I have even seen some idiot cyclists choosing NOT to ride in the cycle lane, and instead riding on the road with other traffic JUST because the cycle lane is busy with other cyclists!

  3. Lorraine Chen

    This is not a good idea …

  4. Louis

    This is such a great idea….. said no one ever.

  5. aokiharu

    i’m sorry, but this is a not safe nor intelligent idea. It’s stupid.

  6. Ernie

    This was most likely a demonstration to show how much space should be allotted for a biker on the road and/or nothing more than an artistic piece that someone tried to make more of. I’m sure it wasn’t an actual proposed safety device.

  7. Bill

    Ernie almost gets it – point of the demonstration is how little road a bicycle requires – if more people got out of vehicles & onto bikes, there would more room on the roads.

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