Pixelated Sneakers

Pixelated Sneakers

Futuristic slip-on sneakers with cool pixelated design that spans both the upper and bottom sole will remind you of 8-Bit video games.

“Pixel Riders” sneakers designed by KOSTMAN feature easy-on elastic construction and inner ventilation dots for added breathability.

Made entirely of innovative foam rubber using XL Extralight Technology.

New material is three times lighter than standard foam and it guarantees exceptional flexibility, comfort, and durability.

Eye-catching sneakers for when you want to game so hard that even your shoes are in pixelated mode!

Pixel Sneakers

8-Bit Pixelated Shoes

Pixel Riders Sneakers

Pixel Shoes

Pixelated Shoes

KOSTMAN Pixel Riders Sneakers

8-Bit Pixelated Sneakers

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