Jeans Hanger

Jeans Hanger

Preserve the quality of your favorite jeans for longer by hanging them properly with The Jean Hanger.

For over a century, denim lovers have struggled to find an effective method for hanging and drying their jeans.

Traditional hangers are cumbersome and prone to breakage, posing a risk to your beloved pants.

Folding leads to wrinkles and machine drying can damage the fabric.

The Jean Hanger designed by Steven Sal Debus for people who cherish their jeans and need practical storage solutions for their clothing.

It provides an easy way to air-dry your jeans without worrying about them losing shape or shrinking in the dryer.

Say goodbye to folding, ironing, and worrying about creases or wrinkles.

Innovative hanger made from durable beech wood with a secure hook, it promises a lifetime of reliable performance.

Save extra space in your closet by hanging your pants and jeans vertically.

The Saldebus Jean Hanger

The Jean Hanger is here to simplify your denim care routine.

Jean Hanger

Easy to Use: Simply hang your jeans on the hanger, and you’re done.

The Jean Hanger

Wrinkle-Free Storage: No more creases or wrinkles caused by folding.

Pants Hanger

Universal Fit: Designed to fit all jeans or pants with standard belt loops.

Efficient Drying: Provides convenient solution for drying jeans.

Hanger for Your Jeans

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