Jeans for iPhone Owners

Jeans for iPhone Owners

Stylish pants designed by Alphyn Industries are equipped with transparent pocket that provides quick access to your smartphone.

Inspired by military clothing, DELTA415 Wearcom jeans give the wearer the ability to use their phone without having to take it out.

Useful pocket made out of innovative material allows complete interactivity with iPhone, Android, and other touchscreen devices.

iPhone Jeans

iPhone Pants

DELTA415 Wearcom Jeans

DELTA415 Wearcom Pants

DELTA415 Jeans

DELTA415 Pants

Pants for iPhone Owners

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  1. mike

    worst thing ever :(

  2. Vinz Clortho

    A complete fail on so many levels.

  3. k2

    you gotta be kidding me.

  4. reason


  5. Vincent Goh

    This bring laziness to the whole new level.

  6. Max

    Man, that pistol outline really makes this design badass. I would put a big stack of money in there instead of my iPhone and zip it open whenever I talk to a girl at the bar. This will make me look like a stud.

  7. Ben

    How do you get your ear down low enough to hear the person when making a call.

  8. Andra

    Ben, they’re especially made for contortionists.

  9. Jessica

    Kind of cool. Of course, you’d need earphones with a mic in order to make calls, but pretty cool. You don’t even need to take your phone out to use it, since the vinyl is touch-sensitive or electro-conductive (I forget the correct term).

  10. bigtime


  11. Betty

    I think this is futuristic.
    As we become more dependent on having our electronic devices with us at all times, we need places on our bodies to store them. I say better to design new fangled pockets in our clothing than stored in our teeth or under our skin–which you know is only a matter of time.

  12. Dominic

    Nice idea!

  13. Ed

    Socially Awkward Pants

  14. Brony

    perfect for the classes where you arent allowed to have your phone out!

  15. Gert

    Looks perfect… for anyone who dresses like a member of the Big Bang Theory cast…

  16. fsco

    This is a great idea to bring the iphone with a bluetooth, especially in environments like the train of NY or London. If you want to play, get tired, but to move without worrying about anything is great. If you do not ask people for emergency construction or how useful it can be. Greetings from Madrid.

  17. leo

    hummm pants could be cutest!

  18. Snufkin


  19. John

    So basically it’s become too lazy now to take out your ipod to change the song or whatever, that now we have a type of jean which can store it? Just crap design which is pointless…. for lazy people and people who have too much spare time. Simple change, just take the dam ipod out to change the song then put it back in. simple.

  20. julian

    he looks so happy with those pants!

  21. Vic

    “Siri, can you tell me how I can look like an even bigger tool with my iPhone besides wearing a fidora hat and an ironic tshirt?”

    And these jeans were born.

  22. Elphi

    I think that this is an interesting concept that is horribly executed…

  23. Payaam

    Besides all the negative feedback from the website visitors, I think it’s pretty cool and practical. I would love to have one. Every time I go out I just don’t know what to do with my cellphone/music player. You can’t sit in taxi comfortably with something like this in your pocket, let alone being able to reach it!

  24. Geebs

    I agree with Payaam, if Im sitting down in the car, i cannot for the life of me get it out of my pocket, and when its out of my pocket it slides around the car and is hard to change the song.

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