Inflabi Inflatable Helmet

Inflabi Inflatable Helmet

Compact and lightweight helmet with inflatable design allows users to easily deflate and store it in their bag, making it the perfect travel companion.

Unlike most helmets that are rigid and bulky, the Inflabi Helmet utilizes an inflatable structure to protect your head from damage.

Ability to deflate and pack down the helmet into a compact size makes it highly portable and easy to transport.

This feature is particularly appealing for commuters and urban cyclists who need to carry their helmets with them on a regular basis.

Inflatable Helmet

With superior shock absorption technology, inflatable helmet ensures top-tier safety, exceeding European standards.

Inflatable Bike Helmet

Inflatable design allows users to easily inflate and deflate the helmet when needed, providing unmatched convenience and portability.

Inflabi Inflatable Bicycle Helmet

Reusable and resilient! Unlike traditional foam helmets, the Inflabi Helmet can withstand multiple impacts without compromising its integrity.

Inflabi Inflatable Bike Helmet

Deflate it, pack it, and go! The Inflabi Helmet is your ultimate travel companion for commuting, biking, or scooting around the city.

Inflatable Bicycle Helmet

Whether you’re cycling, skateboarding, or rollerblading, the Inflabi Helmet is suitable for a wide range of activities.


Inflatable helmets offer a compelling combination of convenience, safety, and durability that positions them as the future of helmet technology.

Inflabi Helmet

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