Derucap Collapsible Helmet

Derucap Collapsible Helmet

Innovative safety helmet from Japan features collapsible design that allows it to transform from a compact flat shape into a sturdy helmet in just seconds.

The Derucap Collapsible Helmet designed by Japanese company Taica.

Natural disasters or unforeseen accidents can happen at any moment.

Collapsible helmet ensures you’re ready to protect your head when needed.

In emergencies, every second counts. Derucap Helmet can be put on and secured in just 3 seconds, providing you with immediate protection.

Simply put it on your head, press to unfold, and fasten the chin strap for instant safety.

Unlike other helmets, Derucap is designed to be compact, allowing you to store it easily in your home, office, or car without taking up much space.

Made of polyethylene, it is lightweight and suitable for people of all ages.

Collapsible Helmet

Taica Derucap Collapsible Helmet

Taica Collapsible Helmet

Collapsible Disaster Helmet

Derucap Helmet

Derucap Collapsible Safety Helmet

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