Inflatable Bicycle Helmet

Inflatable Bicycle Helmet

Hovding is a protective collar designed for people that hate wearing helmets.

Equipped with an airbag that inflates on impact, this invention will help preserve the sense of freedom and not ruin your hairstyle.

Inflatable Collar Helmet

Collar Helmet

Airbag Helmet

Inflatable Helmet

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  1. tine

    the things that get invented for fashion’s sake <3

  2. Lau

    I love it!!!!!

  3. Art of Concept

    So great!

  4. Bill

    So what happens when you lean over to pick up your bag too quick?

  5. Fillibert

    you need a hard shell to spread the force of impact. Also a slippery surface on the helmet helps to slide on asphalt so it doesn’t snag and rip the airbag off your head. Good idea but not realistic in real life situations

  6. Yona

    @Fillibert, euh.. have you seen the tests? it looked as if it can make quite a difference!

  7. Jessica

    Oh, I want this. Very much so. I despite helmets; the straps always feel like they’re choking me.

  8. devilsways

    i doubt if one single glas piece pokes through wat would happend

  9. NiSa ZuL

    awesome!!! xoxo

  10. alex

    Saw the inventors of this speaking about their producs, they are students at my university. Anywho they have tested it for over 6-10years (cant really remember) but the helmet will only “open up” when one falls with a bike, you can pick up stuff, run up stair cases etc with no problems it wont open up!

    But its pretty expensive, running you about 3 000 Swedsh kroners. But what they wanted to bring out was an ALTERNATIVE to a helmet for those not wanting to wear a helmet. They did field studies, and its shows that most people dont use a helmet for the following reasons (generally speaking)

    – you have to carry it around all the time
    – peopple said that they dont think helmets match the outfit that they are wearing (while with the air bag you can change the exterior look/color)
    – people dont want their hairs to get ruined

    and that is what they were looking to solve…

  11. Mia Lazar

    teaser looks good.

  12. nina

    who rides their bike in a frilly little tutu?

  13. c'mon

    BAHAHAHAHA… that is so stupid.

  14. Rose

    Sure it inflates if you’re hit from behind, but what if you fall off your bike? Would it inflate after you’ve smashed your head in?

  15. Chad

    I ride my bike for exercise, often when the temperature is over 80 degrees fahrenheit. It would look more ridiculous to wear that cumbersome scarf than a helmet in my opinion. This concept does have potential for some applications through further development (i.e. the military and overprotective moms).

  16. Toasty O's

    I think I will just stick with my helmet.

    Excellent concept, through, I can see the reasoning behind it.

  17. Rindane

    The model actually hits his nose on the last test in the video

  18. FunkyHendrik

    Haha, it makes me want to get hit by a car :-)

  19. Danny

    So you hit the tarmac floor and then it inflates, great!

  20. Jaqi mugo


  21. Tenebre

    “Hövding” translates to chief, but it’s also slang for joint / spliff.

  22. Karin L.

    It’s a stsart in the right direction. What happens with a side collision?

  23. GiDEZEL

    it probably does provide some protection, but it won’t replace a helmet.
    better than nothing at all, but still not good enough.

  24. Catie Bird

    If you don’t like wearing a helmet you probably wouldn’t like wearing an inflatable collar around your neck. Just Saying…..

  25. Reilly

    Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid?

  26. Dee

    What if you fall on something sharp or on a rougher surface?

  27. Matthew

    lol so dumb

  28. Matthew

    if it isnt broke dont fix it! regular helmets work fine.

  29. Doink

    If someone put alot of effort into thinking how to make this work, then it’s definitely a good piece of equipment to have. Although i don’t see it used into downhill rides, i guess it is still good to ride your bike and enjoy the summer breeze and not the sweat from a cumbersome helmet.

  30. Mad scientist jr.

    how about somebody makes airbag that covers whole body? you did saw that first test where doll nearly crushed it arm? think about real situation…..

  31. sauerkrautmaiden

    this is actually pretty awesome… regular helmets do not protect the neck area at all… i would think it would be made with more durable material as you would assume you’d be hit on asphalt…

  32. Avtodeti

    This invention is very promising!

  33. KIN

    great idea, but i think they could improve it by giving more atention to face protection also… doesnt looks like that it does great work around the chin/nose area. But still a great idea.

  34. Malc

    Judging by the video, this probably gives you better protection than the vast majority of cycle helmets on the market. Whilst the price mentioned in an earlier post would probably make it this a non-starter commercially for the average cyclist, I could see potential for a system along similar lines for motorcycle racing or for cycle racing depending upon the weight of the device.

  35. Pico

    Funny idea…but,I don’t know if it is a suitable alternative to bind some kind of explosive device round my neck instead of just wear a lite helmet…

  36. Midet

    Lol it’s like popcorn but for your face

  37. Tex

    Another expensive product for the stupid and vain? We Americans have had one for years! Check this advanced, cutting edge technology out:

  38. Rob

    What about front impact? Your face will be sheared off, I think if you care about your head save your money and your life get a helmet. If people worry about image I don’t think they will wear this! (or ride a bike)

  39. John

    a solution without a problem…

    1- not for the good people :
    There is much more skull injuries for car driver, not for biker (because of speed of cars…). Then, this protect have to be use by car driver before use by bikers.

    (at the opposite of what most people think, because of different speed, car drivers died much more than bike riders…)

    2- not the good protect for biker :
    As see in the video… the strong hurt for the biker is in his back, not in his head…
    (you can die or become tetraplegic or paraplegic with hurt in your back)

    In bicycle, you hurt your hands, arms and legs more often then your head…

    3- the ONLY protection for riders, in car-bike accident :
    The limitation of car speed :

    at 30km/h (20mph), 90% riders and walkers survive,
    at 45km/h, 50% riders and walkers survive,
    at 70km/h and more, NO riders and NO walkers survive !

    A really good think to save lifeS :
    Learn those speeds and consequences in driving license lesson and use this question in exam…
    And, if you are a city responsable, make information of those killing speed, and reduce the speed in town (30km/h i.e. 20mph)

    Conclusion :
    A product imagine by non-rider…

  40. jay tee

    a neat idea, but it addressing the core problem would be far more fun… after all, if the driver of the cars would pay more attention to the road instead of their cell, radio, etc, these conversations wouldn’t be necessary… Us poor dopes who actually prefer cycling everyday to owning a car are at the mercy of people who put more effort into retrieving the prize from their cereal box than getting their drivers licenses….

  41. Nic

    love it but will i still have a fine for not wearing a helmet ?
    in my city you can rent a bike anywhere to go anywhere very nice but you have to carry a helmet with you all the time just in case you decide to go for a ride ! non sense. so I thought about a helmet that you wear when you ride but deflate when you dont. I think with the right material and air pressure it would be faisible.

    anyway keep the good work.

  42. Michael

    Can this be used as ski helmet?

  43. Megan

    You should design a whole body protector that blows up when a motorcyclist is about to fall off their bike?

  44. Swiper Fox

    “Equipped with an airbag that inflates on impact…”
    Uhm… what if there are sharp objects to pierce the airbag upon impact?… or what if the mechanism failed to deploy the airbag?

  45. Jennifer Camperud

    You all need to market this to hospitals for people that have seizures. I just saw a picture of a lady that had a seizure and had to have ten staples in her head. People that have seizures could really use something like this!

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