Toaster Typewriter by Ritika Kedia

Toaster Typewriter by Ritika Kedia

Functional toaster combined with a typewriter allows people to burn custom messages onto their morning breakfast toast.

Toaster Typewriter designed by Ritika Kedia was made to inject a sense of humor and creativity into the everyday kitchen routine.

Created as a response to the perceived seriousness of the design and innovation industry.

Typewriter Toaster works by typing letters using heat-resistant wires and clay alphabet, which are burned onto a slice of bread.

Just type, toast, and enjoy a playful start to your day!

Breakfast typing machine serves as a playful exploration of the intersection between design, technology, and humor.

Whether it is a playful message or a heartfelt note, your toast is now a unique piece of edible art ready to be enjoyed.

Toaster Typewriter

Add some text to your mornings by burning personalized messages on your toast using Toaster Typewriter.

Ritika Kedia Typewriter Toaster

Innovative concept merges two seemingly unrelated objects – a typewriter and a toaster – to create something entirely new and unexpected.

Ritika Kedia

Humor and technology collide in the most delicious way: Typewriter Toaster.

Toaster Typewriter Machine

Interactive design of the Toaster Typewriter makes breakfast prep a fun and engaging activity for the whole family.

Typewriter Toaster

Feeling sentimental? Declare your love with “I <3 U” toasted onto the bread.

Need a morning pick-me-up? Spell out “SOS” for a playful cry for help amidst the morning chaos.

Ritika Kedia Toaster Typewriter

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