Typewriter Sculptures

Typewriter Sculptures

Jeremy Mayer makes extremely detailed sculptures of humans and animals out of recycled typewriter parts.

California based artist reassembles typewriters into anatomically correct human and animal figures. He does not solder, weld, or glue these unique assemblages together – the process is entirely cold assembly.

Typewriter Sculptures by Jeremy Mayer

Typewriter Assemblage

Jeremy Mayer Typewriter Robot


Typewriter Hand

Typewriter Art

Typewriter Fly

Typewriter Art by Jeremy Mayer

Typewriter Deer

Jeremy Mayer Typewriter

Typewriter Spider

Jeremy Mayer Typewriter Art

Typewriter Penguin

Typewriter Penguin

Typewriter Octopus

Jeremy Mayer Typewriter Sculpture

Typewriter Cat

Typewriter Sculpture

Typewriter Cat

Typewriter Robots

Typewriter Sculpture by Jeremy Mayer

Jeremy Mayer Typewriter Sculptures

Typewriter Robot

Jeremy Mayer Typewriter Robots

Typewriter Robots

Jeremy Mayer

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  1. gunneos

    very cool! what’s cold assembly? won’t they fall apart?

  2. Lilia Smiles

    ^ I think he probably uses screws, bolts and nuts to the anchor pieces

  3. josh

    soooooooooooo amazing

  4. Kitafe


  5. Edward Martinez

    I wonder what can he do with a printer/s?

  6. K

    Looks like you can do a collab. with Steampunk! :)

  7. motofix

    It makes me think of Benoit Sokal universe in Siberia

  8. Dominic


  9. Gert

    very cool if a bit creepy.

  10. Sirius

    Really cool. The Typewriter Cat looks as if designed by Dali.
    @K you’re right, reminds me of Steampunk too.

  11. mi


  12. mongolians

    nice idea great job

  13. Mr. cool

    These are amazing typewriter sculptures, I think these are cool robots.

  14. ANILover

    They look like they should be on the movie Robots, with the blue robot named Rodney…

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