Massive Sand Drawings

Massive Sand Drawings

Jim Denevan is famous for making unique large scale drawings in the sand.

Every sand drawing that takes many hours to complete eventually gets erased by the water from the ocean and disappears forever.

Sand Drawings

Sand Art

Sand Drawing

Beautiful Sand Art

Massive Sand Art


Jim Denevan Sand Art

Massive Drawing

Cool Beach Art

Beach Art

Beach Drawing


Jim Denevan

For more inspiration, check out: Beautiful and Creative Sand Sculptures

  1. Liz

    That’s impressive. REALLY impressive .

  2. Ashley

    WOW!!! Very impressed. He draws perfectly round circles!

  3. B

    Like crop circles, but sand circles :)

  4. Nidia

    cool..the line and the shape of each drawing is really perfect (:

  5. Mon Sun C

    Wow great work! Guess this is one work you know you can’t keep or share with others cause at the end of the day, it will be washed away.

  6. bananaman

    Wow, this is amazing. I do wonder how he gets those perfect circles on such a large scale though.

  7. Poet

    It seems to me like he doesn’t get perfect circles, but because of the angle in which the photo is taken, and the scale, you can’t see the imperfections.

    Of course, if I were to attempt that, I wouldn’t even come close.
    His work is very impressive indeed…

  8. hemda

    wow, this looks like a great mantra practice :)
    I want to do that for the rest of my life

  9. Waleed

    I saw this on national geographic.. Truely creative and genius

  10. Katie

    I’ve seen this before and it’s still breathtaking. Amazing.

  11. trolololol

    i want him to give me one. i am king of the world, why do i not have one?

  12. Darrell

    O_o Just WOW.

  13. Ninja Egg :D

    ^_^ Brilliant!

  14. alkris14

    Optical illusion!

  15. Stefano

    I suppose this is a New idea how to use Photoshop layers..

  16. Benjamin Christine

    loving it! :)

  17. Gen


  18. Machine

    Utrolig – amazing ;)

  19. Dave!

    Not bad… Not bad at all…

  20. Miguel

    One of his ancestors probably was Peruvian, if not extra-terrestrial…
    Mr Daniken (yes, that one) must be outraged!
    Sooo cool!

  21. Khurram


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