Slide Table by Deniz Aktay

Slide Table by Deniz Aktay

Modern side table with fold-flat design cut out of a single sheet of wood can be stored and moved easily when relocating.

Slide Table designed by Deniz Aktay is a stunning example of minimalist design and sustainable craftsmanship.

Made from one sheet of wood, its unique shape maximizes material usage while creating a visually captivating silhouette.

Beautiful and efficient wooden table design, where every detail serves a purpose and every inch of space is maximized.

Slide Coffee Table by Deniz Aktay

Simple assembly process, where you just slide the legs together and add the tabletop, makes it a hassle-free furniture piece.

Deniz Aktay Slide Side Table

If you’re living in a small apartment or have limited space, the table’s ability to fold flat for storage makes it an excellent choice.

Deniz Aktay Slide Table

Crafted out of a single wood sheet, the design of the Slide Table was driven by the goal of minimizing waste while maximizing aesthetic appeal.

Deniz Aktay Slide Coffee Table

Whether you need a side table next to your sofa, a bedside table, or even a coffee table, it can adapt to various needs without taking up much space.

Slide Side Table by Deniz Aktay

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