Beard Cap for Swimmers

Beard Cap for Swimmers

Innovative swim cap designed by Virgin Trains for competitive swimmers with facial hair and stylish hipster beards.

Beard Cap will help swimmers reduce drag and achieve maximum speed.

Swimming Cap

Beard Swim Cap

Beard Swimming Cap

Beard Cap

Virgin Trains Beard Cap

Swim Cap

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  1. Red

    God damn you hipsters!

  2. Gert

    Since when is a wet beard a problem?

  3. reason

    Bla ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. Rick

    His eyebrows are still not covered.

  5. mangkum

    But why?!

  6. Alex

    This doesn’t even look like its made out of the right material to even work well on your head. You want the cap to be tight-fitting, waterproof, and as flat as possible (no little fibers to catch water). If anything, this will slow you down.

  7. Barrie Hall

    Real men swim in acid without a cap.

  8. Sam

    Jeez, he looks like a throwaway Batman villain.

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