Pack Horse Reading Chair

Pack Horse Reading Chair

Versatile reading chair features built-in bookshelf at the back, rope-stitched magazine racks on its sides, and a secret compartment beneath the seat.

Pack Horse reading chair designed by Michael Cooper provides useful storage for reading materials without taking up extra floor space.

Comfortable seat and ergonomic design make it suitable for extended periods of use, whether you’re reading a book or sketching in a journal.

Pack Horse Chair Michael Cooper Studio

In an age dominated by digital devices, Pack Horse reading chair becomes a sanctuary for analog pursuits.

Michael Cooper Studio Pack Horse Chair

Dedicated chair for reading fosters mindfulness and encourages a healthier balance between screen time and real-world engagement.

Reading Chair by Michael Cooper

Made from high-quality materials like European oak and Merino wool felt, the chair will enhance the visual appeal of your reading space.

Pack Horse Chair

Keep your living space tidy and organized with the Pack Horse Chair’s built-in bookshelf and magazine racks.

Michael Cooper Studio Reading Chair

From reading to writing and unplugged relaxation, this chair encourages a digital detox and a return to simple pleasures.

Michael Cooper Reading Chair

With its space-saving design and multifunctional features, the Pack Horse chair is a must-have for cozy reading nooks and creative studios.

Reading Chair

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