Keyboard Pants

Keyboard Pants

Modern jeans with integrated computer keyboard designed by Erik de Nijs.

“Beauty and the Geek” pants merge the world of fashion with the world of technology. They come with built in speakers, wireless computer mouse, and full-size bluetooth keyboard.

Move freely, change seating positions, and still be in full control!

Erik De Nijs Keyboard Pants

Computer Keyboard Jeans

Computer Keyboard Pants

Erik De Nijs Keyboard Jeans

Keyboard Jeans

Erik De Nijs

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  1. Diego

    i don’t like the idea of touching my intime parts everytime i type in the keyboard

  2. Amanda

    Mixing business and pleasure has never been so literal.

  3. Ashley

    You know someone’s enjoying their new keyboard pants when you get an email from them that just says “GHGFHEUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHJJJHHH”

  4. Elliott


  5. Kev

    moving back and forth between shift key and backspace lol

  6. Lilia Smiles

    Did the guy really mean to design it this way? If he thought it through and still made it, then he’s a little weird.

  7. po

    I’m sure my “H” and “G” key and their neighbors will have a hard time in the middle..

  8. Shandya

    does this mean we have to keep our pants on every time we use the internet?

  9. shaker azzi

    maybe suitable for overnight students like architecture, and people who use bus transportation!

  10. Kitafe

    @shandya haha made my day

  11. Mon Sun C

    huh, I get where the designer is going with this and it is very practical but not sure if it would work for me. Guess it is no different than playing drums or slapping on your lap to the beat of a music.

  12. Glenn

    Now I won’t hit the space bar so many times “excuse me, could you help me type?”

  13. Ani

    :)))) totally ridiculous!!!

    this keyboard would be a perfect excuse for some people… if u know what i mean :P

  14. Rudy

    Do these jeans have escape buttons or a zip drive?

  15. Douglas

    FAIL !!

  16. MAD

    Looks like a super-glue problem to me.

  17. Leonie

    @MAD You’re awsome C:

  18. S.Dufresne

    bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbb
    aaahhh feel better

  19. Dutchy

    Be careful at the toilet: Pee board?

  20. CCorsair

    Ctrl Alt delete will have a whole new meaning ? and do they make this for Woman? Mouse in the pocket? or Trackball(s)? good thing there no Touch pad I guess? too baggy to real work with out a hard surface to type on..


  21. Libeerian

    1. Pull down zipper
    2. Hit “P” key

  22. Bakageta Koto

    Setting aside all of the awkward possibilities of these pants… Are they even machine washable?

  23. hannah

    ha ha lol. no guy will EVER let his mom type on his computer again, lol.

  24. Mark

    What about washing the things? I take it the keyboard is waterproof. Just another example of people running out of real ideas… It’s not feasible at all.

  25. John


    Oh sorry, I just got an itch.

  26. Clark Kent


    Sorry that was my girlfriend pounding away on my keyboard ;)

  27. Miel

    @shandya Brilliant!

  28. Joe in Texas

    Is that a mouse in your pocket or….hey wait that IS a mouse in your pocket.

  29. Cwmil


  30. Steve


  31. BC

    I think I will wait for the ergonomic version.

  32. Corts

    This looks like it would be hard for hunt and peckers.

  33. Daaxis

    Machine Washable?

  34. Enrico Martinez

    (A joke)
    Hey Buddy! The Boss wants you to come upstairs. He says he wants to use your keyboard to finish his weekly company report!

  35. Apple


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