30 Degree Ruler

30 Degree Ruler

Ergonomically designed ruler with laser-engraved markings features practical 30° shape for enhanced visibility and ease of use.

Unlike traditional flat rulers, the 30° Ruler makes reading measurements easier and more ergonomic.

With clear markings and effortless handling, 30° Ruler helps people work faster and more efficiently.

Available in sizes ranging from 15cm to 45cm, the 30° Ruler caters to every project’s unique needs.

Elevated design makes it easy to pick up the ruler without having to drag it to the edge of the table or dig underneath it.

30 Degrees Ruler

The 30° angle reduces neck strain and promotes better posture by allowing you to read measurements without leaning over.

Large, easy-to-read numbers and labeled hash marks eliminate confusion, making measurements quick and accurate.

30 Degree Angle Ruler

Made out of aerospace-grade aluminum, the 30° Ruler is both lightweight and scratch-resistant, built to withstand regular use.

30 Degrees Angle Ruler

Metric and imperial measurements provide versatility for different projects, ensuring you always have the right unit at hand.

30° Angle Ruler

Created for designers, craftsmen, and students, the 30° Ruler is a must-have tool for anyone who values precision and efficiency.

30° Ruler

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