Creative 3D Art

Creative 3D Art

Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda creates unique three-dimensional sculptures.

Amazing creations look like framed objects with one or more 3D elements that appear to be trying to escape.

3D Egg

3D Signs

3D Rocket

3D House

3D Cards

3D Playing Cards

3D Card

3D Sculptures

3D Art

3D Eggs

Yuki Matsueda

3D Paint

3D Puzzle

3D Exit Sign

For more inspiration, check out: 3D Paintings and 3D Street Art

  1. A1


  2. Niyari

    that’s so amazing!!!

  3. Colleen

    Looking great.

  4. Sharyn

    These are great! I’d love to see some of them from straight on as well.

  5. Regragui

    great ….

  6. Tiffany Yuen

    Beautiful. I would love to have some of the poker cards ones.

  7. Nisa Zul

    so cute!

  8. tanya larie

    cool!!! i love it)))

  9. enkay

    all sculpture is 3 dimensional

  10. Lilia Smiles

    THIS IS EPIC!!! I would love to have a few in my house to bring some life into the walls!

  11. Art of Concept

    Fantastic! I love the tubes of paint and the eggs, so original! Great conceptual art, thumbs up!

  12. Chedie

    I loooooove the one with paint and eggs! Almost seeing ‘freeze’ action. Everything is absolutely wonderful!

  13. Ninja Egg :D

    that is one of the most creative things ever. gorgeous.

  14. Jim

    Really cool way to get an extra dimension to something simple!

  15. Ieva

    Absolutely amazing!

  16. Feer

    OMG! this is amazing, i loved it *-*

  17. bryant yee

    vacuum formed?

  18. Leonie

    The paint one’s are just amazing!

  19. Irfan Yousaf

    Amazing..!!! Nice effort…

  20. Tshi

    Amazing ! Very beautiful ! :) I love

  21. Candice

    OMG! The gallery I work for is representing his works! We are in Shanghai, guys! Come to see his works in person!

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