10 Unusual and Creative Rulers

10 Unusual and Creative Rulers

Unique and innovative rulers that will help you get accurate measurements.

Calculator Ruler

This modern ruler comes with built in calculator and digital clock.

Calculator Ruler

Pen Ruler

Ruler and pen combo with ruler markings printed on the cap. [more]

Pen Ruler

Split Ruler

Wooden ruler with a split that functions as a place to rest your pencil.

Split Ruler

Soft Ruler

Flexible ruler designed to be folded for easy transportation.

Soft Ruler

Mirror Ruler

Creative mirror and ruler combo allows you to measure your height. [more]

Mirror Ruler

Pocket Knife Ruler

Useful tool combines folding knife with folding precision ruler.

Pocket Knife Ruler

Handgun Ruler

Unusual ruler made out of wood and shaped like a handgun. [more]

Handgun Ruler

Ladder Ruler

Creative ruler designed to look like a miniature replica of a ladder.

Ladder Ruler

Electronic Ruler

Innovative ruler measures the length of every line that you draw.

Electronic Ruler

Finger Ruler

Fantastic ruler concept turns your fingers into measurement tools.

Finger Ruler

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  1. Pepsi

    The finger ruler is very unique. Just amazing how technology progresses.

  2. Eng.Ameer

    last one is amazing

  3. Jaz

    sot ruler? srsly? thats old
    but I love the claculator one, electronic ruler & the finger on is pretty awesome..

  4. Reilly

    Awesome collection.

  5. bird

    lol soft ruler

  6. Betty

    The soft ruler is brilliant. I use mine all the time–indispensable. The figure ruler looks like a must-have too.

  7. Mapache

    That gunshot ruler is kinda dumb. I mean, for one of those tv gheto schools

  8. Art of Concept

    A finger ruler! Jeez, great concept! I can’t hardly believe it!

  9. chazzzz

    brillent, but not so keen on the gun or the knife, like the ladder the best.

  10. Nataly


  11. may

    @mapache that was an uneducated thought

  12. cindy

    Finger ruler is truly unique. Love advancement!

  13. jaqi mugo

    Calculator ruler and pen ruler THOROUGHLY PRACTICAL.

    Finger ruler is my favourite.

  14. Rose

    While not as awesome as the ‘Finger Ruler’, I still think the ‘Electronic Ruler’ is a great idea…shame I don’t really draw line anymore.

  15. Gert

    Gun & knife rulers for ghetto nerds.

  16. wanwan

    finger ruler is a great ruler..

  17. mea

    The last one is sooooo amazing.

  18. Julie

    Finger ruler is incredible!

  19. Steve

    The one with calculator is not new. Can buy it since the 80´s…

  20. Me

    Did some (all?) of you miss that the last one is a _concept_? Not a prototype or a finished product. Just some designer’s fantasy that some poor schmuck will have to figure out how to make a working version of. Anybody can throw out “cool” concepts – edible paper, flying shoes, compassionate conservative – but most of them are just impossible fantasies. Besides, they left out the condom with the ruler printed on the side.

  21. G

    And there was me just about to point out that the finger-ruler will be purchased mainly by adolescent boys…

    “Okay, I’ve been drinking extra milk all week and doing my exercises, time for a quick measure…”

  22. Elliot

    Finger ruler is a concept though…

    It doesn’t actually exist :)

  23. me

    @g. hahahah love your thought process.

  24. Sydney

    My school uses the soft rulers…so its not really that cool

  25. HannahJet

    i have the calc ruler, and i love the electronic and finger rulers

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