Unmask the Truth

Unmask the Truth

Creative advertisement campaign from Lowe Bangkok for OGAMI CCTV video surveillance systems.

Unmask the truth.


Clever Unmask the Truth Advertisements 2


Clever Unmask the Truth Advertisements 3


Clever Unmask the Truth Advertisements 4

Advertiser: Neonic Evolution Ltd
Brand: OGAMI
Agency: Lowe Bangkok
Country: Thailand

Clever Unmask the Truth Advertisements

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  1. Dainis Graveris

    oh, really good idea! :))

  2. Afperea

    good post, and excelent pictures

  3. pelin

    it could be really nice joke :)

  4. Tiago Galan

    BBB participants use this masks too !

  5. Sarah

    Interesting how these adds could be used both campaigning for and against cctv. (“Anyone could be dangerous” vs “They’re treating us all like criminals, isn’t it ridiculous?”) I actually thought it was protest, at first.

    Good pictures either way, though.

  6. Darren

    It would be great if your organisation would submit a tutorial on how to achieve this effect.

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