Dresser Shaped Like a Dress

Dresser Shaped Like a Dress

Creative dresser shaped like a stylish black dress will make a great addition to any modern bedroom.

Little Black Dresser was designed by Judson Beaumont from Vancouver.

Little Black Dresser


Modern Dresser

Creative Dresser

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  1. unDave™

    Department of Redundancy Deparment’s new product.

    -by unDave™

  2. Karen


  3. indra

    its really cool :D

  4. jah

    don’t put durable goods in it. those straps look iffy

  5. gunneos

    nice, but not practical. unless the drawers are at right angles i don’t see how you can store things in order without them sliding all over the place. i like my drawers neat and boring.

  6. shaker

    great idea

  7. Curtis

    Wonderful design.

    Practically would be better if it can be fixed to at its back to the wall.

  8. Betty

    Great place to keep scarves and other small slippery things that defy folding anyway.

  9. Julie

    Quite cute :)
    Agree with Betty.

  10. Toasty O's

    It looks like the straps and the rod are just eye candy, it is flush to the wall in the pics.

    It’s strangely elegant, I can easily imagine it a modern styled woman’s bedroom.

  11. skart

    design ingenuity…

  12. timmay

    thats pretty cool

  13. amu-ka

    amazing… I love it!

  14. Cory

    Again unDave is coming through with some really insightful commenting. If you are so talented and such a great designer/thinker where are your designs/creations on this site so that we all can judge you as you judge others…

  15. Dan H

    Cory, can’t you see that he spent all his creative energy on trademarking his ridiculous name?

  16. Karen

    niiiice :D

  17. rs

    cool, but if its just hanging and not secure its going to wobble all over the place when actually using it. Furthermore if it is secure at the top it needs to be good quality of it will just fall apart…

  18. stina


  19. Leonida

    where can i buy it?? I LOVE IT!!

  20. monique

    same question – where can one buy it?

  21. Elizabeth

    Love it gorgeous…how much and where can I purchase one from?

  22. Myriam


  23. Lisa

    Love it! Where can I purchase this item and how much?

  24. Ashley

    What is the depth of the drawers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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