Cave Inspired House

Cave Inspired House

Unique house designed by Ensamble Studio looks like a cave equipped with modern bed, sink, shower, and a fireplace.

The exterior was made out of concrete and the interior volume was created using stacks of hay. It took one year for a cow named Paulina to eat all the hay and empty the cave. Truffle house is located in Laxe, Spain.

Cave Home

Cave House

Cave Window

Cave Interior

Cave Shower

Cave Entrance


Modern Cave

Truffle House

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  1. J Jones

    Wonderful getaway cave :)

  2. shannon

    really cozy

  3. henry

    suuuper pimp

  4. KKL

    hitting your head on the corner is gonna hurt REAL bad ,… haha

  5. Madeleine

    How do you keep it warm?

  6. D.AiM

    back to ancestors, with mod techno idea..

  7. TwinkleTinytot

    Love it!
    The perfect getaway! :)

  8. Dominic

    Amazing view, only my shower isn’t directly above my head!

  9. Liz

    @Madeleine it has a fireplace, you can see in the third picture under the video :)

  10. kadal

    i think it should be called a hotel not a house

  11. ran

    i hope i could live there even for a day..

  12. redhood

    very nice, but i think its a very cold house

  13. Bora Liviu

    i don’t wanna be there for winter

  14. Ben

    Where’s the crapper?

  15. jacob

    this house should win an award…most inventive, new piece of architecture i’ve seen in a long time

    thanks for posting this toxel

  16. kikki

    It’s amazing!!. The video is a little annoying and the music is creepy.

  17. Darrell


  18. Pearl Lambie

    Of course in our country, the land of the “free,” we are not free to build such dwellings as they violate codes!

  19. alkris14

    I can just imagine, someone asking where you live and you say “In a cave.”

  20. Chedie

    This is absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Maurice

    Beautiful! I wonder if the windows are big enough that they warm the place? If not, seems like a great idea yo have a half cave, half greenhouse dwelling. Seems like it would maintain the perfect temperature, and the perfect balance between cozy and airy.

  22. ccc

    @KKL Haha I didn’t think about that. You’re right. xD

  23. Art of Concept

    Great view!!! Nice!

  24. Philip

    Nice little design house. I would love to spend couple night there.

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