Hamburger Bed by Kayla Kromer

Hamburger Bed

Kayla Kromer has used a round mattress from the 70’s to create a bed that looks like a giant hamburger.

Hamburger Bed by Kayla Kromer 2

Hamburger Bed by Kayla Kromer 3

Hamburger Bed by Kayla Kromer 4

Hamburger Bed by Kayla Kromer 5

Hamburger Bed by Kayla Kromer

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  1. sanr

    so funny~

  2. Mohak

    so funny yar….

  3. maryam

    very nice

  4. lano

    no, this is hideous.

  5. Tukang Nggame

    burger king, nyumii…. :-)
    yes, thats funny and unique

  6. AFAB

    i can haz cheezburger?

  7. juliette

    very cute and funny… but maybe it’s just me but if I had seen this in my boyfriend’s bedroom, it might have been a bit of a turn off!!

  8. Soheil

    so creativity :~

  9. Peter

    This bed looks delicious.

  10. mniya

    so cute and funny wanna hv it :D

  11. Kenny Payne

    Wow, careful not to get your “special sauce” on the sheets….

  12. mick129

  13. niol

    it is hideous.

  14. toby smith

    can i buy that?????????????????????

  15. ski4life

    how much is a hamburger bed i want one really bad they are so sick.

  16. About

    wow.. This is a very unique bed

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