Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

Kayla Kromer, the maker of the famous Hamburger Bed, is back with her new amazing creation: Millennium Falcon Bed.

Inspired by the Millennium Falcon fictional spacecraft, this creative bed is perfect for any Star Wars fan.

Millennium Falcon Bed by Kayla Kromer

Star Wars Bed

Cool Star Wars Bed

Millennium Inspired Falcon Bed

Star Wars Bed by Kayla Kromer

Star Wars Inspired Bed

Bed Inspired by Star Wars

Millennium Falcon Bed

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  1. Lydie


  2. unDave

    Woha! Nice way to the dreamland.


    -by unDaveā„¢

  3. jingpi

    very cool!!

  4. SWP

    Does princess Leia come included? :-)

  5. Tony

    No SWP,
    That’s the kind of bed you will find it hard to get someone to join you in.

  6. FoxyBoxers

    yeah its cool, but does that girl have too much time on her hands?

  7. wien

    lol it’s so cool

  8. Eric

    After making this bed and the hamburger bed, Kayla must be asking herself, “Why am I always attracting the wrong guys???”

  9. simon

    effin’ awesome^^

  10. CrazyGentleMan

    Lol, so cool bed.

  11. cj

    Not much to sleep on, but she’ll do .5 past lightspeed!

  12. A Terrible Idea

    “You came in the thing? You’re braver than I thought.”

  13. cr

    guaranteed not to get you laid lol

  14. Sierra Gysler

    Can I buy one from her???

  15. adam

    ‘guaranteed not to get you laid’

    Ha that made me laugh, very true.

  16. Mantis

    “You came in that thing?” takes on a whole different connotation now! Haha! And Tony, some of us HAVE found women who share our geekiness! My wife might even throw on the Leia outfit! Lol!

  17. matt

    how fun! very creative. i cant stand it when someone says “that person has too much time on their hands..” they must be out there somewhere in their underground secret laboratory curing cancers.. so i understand.

  18. tracy

    dude i totaly want the millennium falcon as a bed!!!! :) how much? maybe if i play my cards right and b a good lil girl my boyfriend will buy it for me :D

  19. Lindi

    My boyfriend tells my I can have this.

    Psh, we’ll see.

  20. fred

    well done and hope to see more in time to come.

  21. roy

    where can i get a bed like that? for how much?

  22. April Gonzalez

    i would love to buy a bed like this. Where can I go to get pricing info?

  23. John

    “Don’t get cocky!”

  24. Bonita

    would love to get this where could I order this my son Hunter is huge fan of Star Wars

  25. BrandiwyneH

    We want one too….is there a way to get one or patterns???

  26. Connie

    My husband wants one……He is a BIG FAN

  27. han

    Why didn’t they come out with this stuff before I was 40?!?!?

  28. Alky Styles

    This is very misleading because if you own this bed, you won’t get a girl within 50 feet of it.

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