Pizza Sleeping Bag

Pizza Sleeping Bag

Unusual and creative sleeping bag designed to look like a slice of pizza.

Made out of hand-dyed cotton and lined in red satin, this amazing sleeping bag comes with five vegetable pillows (two mushrooms, one broccoli, and two olives). It is extremely warm and comfortable. [order]

Sleeping Bag

Pizza Bed


Slice of Pizza

Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag

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  1. tip

    Are the toppings detachable? They look so comfy!

  2. Megan

    Awesome sleeping bag!

  3. Sydney

    i think i would find myself chewing on pillows sub-conciously

  4. Katie

    The topping pillows are unattached! :) I love this sleeping bag.

  5. Sharyn

    That’s really cool! It would be so great to have a pizzas worth of slices for a kids sleepover.

    The only problem I see is that it’d make me always hungry for pizza.

  6. Dona

    I would eat pizza while sleeping in it haha

  7. greg

    wheres the cheese?

  8. kahlie

    I ask you, who puts broccoli on their pizza?

  9. MichaƂ

    @kahlie: I love broccoli & tuna pizza – it’s the only one that I make @home and I highly recommend it.

  10. Jan

    Where’s the pepperoni a d cheese??

  11. douglas

    if you were camping and a bear came along, you’d be the first to go. They love pizza. It’s the number one killer of campers. Getting caught while eating or being in pizza. Be very careful out there!

  12. Masteroche

    Any anchovies?!lol!!!

  13. martian

    If a pizza looks this unappetising and old, be sure it’s dangerous to eat it. I find this sleeping bag absolutely not beautiful. The idea is quite funny though.

  14. Anchovy

    No where to move my legs :(

  15. Pepperoni Paul


    No pepperoni?!? WTF!

    And where doth I procure such deliciousity?

  16. cocoa_bean

    this bag is cool. my whole family has one and absolutely love it. it is sooo comfy and cozy.
    it is intended to be something different and fun. why do some people feel the need to put it down and be such a bummer.

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