Photo Manipulations by Pierre Beteille

Photo Manipulations by Pierre Beteille

Pierre Beteille, a talented French artist, creates remarkable images by digitally modifying his self-portraits in Adobe Photoshop.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream by Pierre Beteille


Untitled by Pierre Beteille


Supergrass by Pierre Beteille

Untitled 2

Untitled 2 by Pierre Beteille

Shark Fin Soup

Shark Fin Soup by Pierre Beteille

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery by Pierre Beteille

Gone With The Wind….

Gone With The Wind by Pierre Beteille

Mister Potato

Mister Potato by Pierre Beteille

Untitled 3

Untitled 3 by Pierre Beteille

Sign Here! (Trust Me)

Sign Here by Pierre Beteille

Yummy GMOs!

Yummy GMOs by Pierre Beteille

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  1. Brian D. Hawkins

    These are just incredible! Some are a little sick but I kinda like that lol

  2. Richi

    Mister Potato is gross.

    Nice job with the rest.

  3. mojo


    Untitled 3 isnt really a photo manipulation tho

  4. OI Web Designer

    i like it
    good job
    Mister Potato is great

  5. jack

    Is the Sharp Fin Soup photo HDR? It looks really nice. Great job on all the others!

  6. JanB

    not all are photo manipulations

    @Jack, it’s postprocessing. Just some levels adjusted.

  7. Ringo Starr

    Remember, kids–it’s not art unless you call it “Untitled.”

    Other than that, these are pretty cool.

  8. Alessandro

    excellent editing, but vomiting and watch :)

  9. visalittleboy


    Thanks for sharing!

  10. aimmy cate

    wow! Excellent

  11. Television Voyeur

    Wow these are great!

  12. nicerlen

    these are some fantastic works.

  13. Chuck Reinertsen

    There are no limits for imagination. Great Work!

  14. Piseth

    No words to speak about all these but just want to say incredible photos. Magic picture!!!

  15. turtle

    yea it is, untitled 3, on the right picture with the blood he merged the paper and the skin lol

  16. honour chick

    great job Pierre Beteille(whoever u r). nice photo manipulations. :)

  17. sangita


  18. Liza Mae

    Love it!

  19. TK


  20. naveed

    great stuff out there ;) realLY nice

  21. blackmoon

    AMAZING :)

  22. level5design

    Excellent! A lot o talent and imagination.

  23. Roy Nottage

    Untitled 2 is probably my favourite, though they are all pretty awesome.

  24. Kevin Anderson

    Excellent. I liked “Sign here” the most.

  25. jur wagner

    funny stuff :)

  26. leisure boats

    That aknacer guy looks way too douchey for me to appreciate his work. The artist this page is about is much better.

  27. jayer

    Great !

  28. sanr


  29. Webdesigner

    Great work, very well done! Love the one with the scissors!

  30. Classic University

    Not sure what this guy is smoking to be that original but its some great work!

    Impressive…Most Impressive!!

  31. sal

    Im going to try and emulate “untitled 2”. Good idea

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